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FPSRussia Viral Video: M4 Zombie Hunting & Ballistic Knife?

FPSRussia Viral Video: M4 Zombie Hunting & Ballistic Knife?

For all of you who are getting a bit bored of the Epic Meal Time videos that we post about, we have something a bit more exciting courtesy of another YouTube star. FPSRussia regularly makes videos and this one is titled “M4 Zombie Hunting & Ballistic Knife?”

It’s all pretty self explanatory from the title but there is a very interesting start to the clip. The host tells all of us that have watched the video that he is constantly being asked about the Ballistic Knife that has been popularized from the game series Call of Duty. He lets his feelings be known about that particular weapon and instead has something a little bit meatier to show us… A gun knife!

This is something that I have personally never seen before but he tells us that its knife exterior is housing a 22 caliber revolver inside and that it’s not really a weapon to be used at range, it’s more of a close range weapon. He then moves onto the gun that the show is about, the M4 with some tasty modifications where he will be shooting terrorist zombies to rescue a poor defenseless keg of beer.

Once he gets to the keg, we are informed that he doesn’t even like beer and he proceeds to pound it full of bullets from his silenced M4. There’s a pretty amusing twist at the end of the video as well where he is talking about the zombies that he has just been shooting but we will let you watch that bit in the video at the bottom of the article. The last report we brought you of FPSRussia had sniper rifles involved but he pretty much gets his hands on every type of gun he can. We should also warn you that there is a little bit of bad language within the video.

What did you think of FPSRussia’s latest video? Did you like the gun knife? Let us know in the comments section below.

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