Small Steve Jobs Led Funeral: Westboro Taints

As Apple fans were to celebrate the announcement of the next iPhone generation this week, saddened news came through the day after that former CEO and one of Apple’s co-founders Steve Jobs had passed away. His fight against pancreatic cancer was to end his life on October 5th. Although Jobs battled to keep going, his love for Apple remained the same.

The family man and pure genius of the technology world was remembered yesterday (Friday) at what has been reported as a private gathering. The man who led a quiet life with his family and close friends would be remembered by those closest to him. Apple have not officially confirmed details of the funeral.

As reported by the, worrying news has surrounded the late Steve Jobs good name, with some members of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas taking a stand about what Jobs stood for, they say “Gave God no glory and taught sin.” It comes as Margie Phelps of the Baptist Church accessed Twitter from her iPhone that the church she attended and her father founded, would be picketing the event. She was reported as tweeting, “Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin.”

From around the globe, fans including a massive number of celebrities have been sending in their tribute messages on networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Others have been heading to local Apple Stores to leave messages on cards and flowers outside. Apple have invited members of the public to leave their own thoughts and condolences to a special email address:

Following on from Steve Jobs death, U2′s front singer Bono has spoken about the charity work that Jobs was involved with, particularly that of AIDS charity RED, and today we brought you news that rivals Samsung have cancelled a massive smartphone launch next Tuesday in respect to the man that bought us the iPhone, iPad, iPod and of course Mac computers.

Tell us your thoughts on the Westboro Baptist Church and their picketing? Will you be heading over to the special email address above and leaving your tribute?

  • Dickhead

    ‘Small Steve Jobs’? I didn’t realise he was tiny! and how could he lead his own funeral?

  • Nova Simpson

    Years ago when I first came across one of the earliest Apple.Mac….offices and outlet in Australia, well over 25years ago,that is………
    I would never have thought, that one day I might have to send my condolances to an important Foundation Pole in the Company and in our Modernday Technogical Society….I am awfully sorry that Mr. Jobs is no longer with us in person to accepe my thanks for his creatitivity, inovations hardheadedness, geniality, for encouraging and creating and instigating the creation of uniquely envidious pieces of Modern Tecknolodgy, and Technoligical Products, covited by one and all at some time or other. What he has done for our creative society,through his continoius inovations is, at this very moment uncountable……….Here I can only add,……..My Thanks to Steve, and condolances to his Family, Assistants, Creative Team, Friends and Associates,Company.and Bankers…….May his soul rest in peace, and his name lives for ever and ever……….Thanks Mr. Jobs……..Nova Simpson-Oram

  • TabgripforIpad

    What sin did he teach? I can’t claim to know everything about him, or how we are wired as human beings. But I do know, that in essence, what we do and how we conduct ourselves is a combination of our environment, family, friends, people in power and lastly, our own predilections.