Record Level Twitter Results Seen From Steve Jobs Tributes

As we come to an end of yet another week, it will finish on a sad note, the death of Apple’s former CEO and one of its co-founders Steve Jobs, who passed away this week at the age of 56.

After several years of battling against pancreatic cancer, Jobs was to lose his fight. The genius of technology took medical leave in January and in August handed his role as CEO over to Tim Cook. This week the new iPhone 4S was announced to the world with pre-orders being taken yesterday October 7th. Just a day after Apple’s media event, Jobs passed away. Reports on the internet today have spoken about how Apple employees at the official iPhone launch, had to put a brave face on knowing that Jobs didn’t have much time.

As well as looking at Jobs passion for his company over the years, we brought you news about some of the tributes that had been coming in, not just from Apple fans across the globe but those from the celebrity world, including U2′s singer Bono, who just yesterday spoke about Jobs involvement with Aids charity RED. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook were also inundated with tributes and this is what we wanted to focus on today.

In light of Twitter, record levels of tweets were seen on Wednesday just after news started to spread about Steve Jobs death. We guessed that figures across the internet would be high, but we didn’t realise that records would in fact be broken. According to, around 8 pm EDT on Wednesday just after the news was made official, Twitter was having to keep up with some 6,049 tweets per second (TPS).

Research analyst Zeus Kerravala said, “I’m surprised at the number of tweets it got, but I guess I shouldn’t be. Social networks are increasingly the de facto place for people to go to when they want to share information. Twitter is perfect for this type of thing.”

With a surge in Twitter traffic, the site started to experience problems trying to keep up with the demand with an error hitting the site at around 8.10pm ET. Between 8.50 pm and 9.05 pm became a difficult time for users, with some experiencing problems getting onto Twitter’s homepage.

In relation to Facebook’s user traffic, figures are still unknown but with the site presently taking the number one position with some 800 million users and no signs of slowing up, figures during Wednesday and after would of course be high.

Interestingly at, they have an infographic taken from researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute who looked at some two million tweets, containing the name “Steve Jobs” beween 9 pm on October 5th through to 9 am the next day. Each dot takes the place of 1,000 tweets and the colors represent the different language used. To find out hit the link directly above.

Tell us whether you left a tribute message across Twitter, Facebook or both? Did you experience any problems getting onto Twitter’s homepage between the times above?

  • TabgripforIpad

    I figured it was because of his passing that made Twitter go crazy for a few days last week. Even though I knew he was battling cancer, I was still surprised when I heard he passed away.