The Time Is Here: Pre-Order Your iPhone 4S, Have You?

Many would agree that this week as been a roller-coaster ride, at the beginning, the news that everybody had been waiting on for the last fifteen months, finally arrived. The announcement of the new iPhone and to many customers, they went away feeling disheartened. The iPhone 5 that everybody had hoped and even expected wasn’t too be, but instead an iPhone 4S would be the next best thing.

Whatever opinion is in relation to this, the new iPhone handset is here to stay with what we’re guessing to be the next year. Apple’s iPhone 5 is still rumored to be coming in 2012.

The shocking news then came two days later, that CEO and one of the co-founders of Apple, the main man Steve Jobs had passed away. Yesterday understandingly the internet was full of sadness with Google dedicating their home page to Jobs, masses of Apple fans making their way to their nearest store to leave tribute messages and flowers, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter inundated with user messages and so on. The man who has been named a visionary and pure genius will never be forgotten in what he brought us to the world of technology. There will be some who have questioned whether Apple will be able to survive without Jobs input, this we will leave to public opinion?

Today the iPhone 4S has been made available to pre-order either through Apple direct, or one of the three US carriers being that of Verizon, Sprint and of course AT&T, T-Mobile have missed out this year.

Just the other day we asked what carrier would be your preference? We have to add to this, that the US will be joined with other countries retailing the iPhone 4S officially on October 14th, these include the UK, Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada and France with others joining on the 28th. In the UK, retailers Three, O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile will all be joining in the fun. Check out the link directly above in which we told you about Apple’s new Careplan+, outlining what to do in case your device gets damaged.

Be aware that you may end up being told that there are stock shortages, as many consumers we know had already traded-in their current iPhone 4 in order to buy a new iPhone 4S. Design wise, the new Apple device is no different to look at, but its what matters inside. This time the handset will bring with it, iOS 5 OS, A5 dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera with face detection, 1080p HD video recording, Siri voice activation and so on.

If you’re thinking of getting the new Apple as a stand-alone price in the US, then as Slashgear reported, the iPhone 4S pre-order page is stating that the unlocked and contract-free device will be shipped from November. Prices for the new device are fairly hefty with the 64GB reaching a whooping $849. Apple UK is only offering its customers SIM free handsets instead of a subsidized version. Top end model in the UK will set you £699.

Tell us whether you have already ordered your new addition or are you still toying with the idea? Have you been met with any pre-order problems? Let us know where you stand.