Twitter Flooded with RIP Steve Jobs Messages, It’s A Sad Day

Whilst the world has been criticizing Apple’s most recent event there are a few more things to life than just gadgets and phones. One notable absentee from the stage was Steve Jobs, the man who co-founded Apple Inc. with Steve Wozniak, today marks a sad day as Steve Jobs has died and Twitter is getting flooded with ‘RIP Steve Jobs’ messages, it’s a sad day.

We know the intense rivalry between Apple and their competitors is going on and it will undoubtedly continue, but I’m sure for the next little while at least, everyone can think back about the achievements of Steve Jobs and respect what he brought to the table, because he brought it like no other.

At age 56, you have to say he was still young, but when you think back over the last couple of years at what the guy has had to put up with, it’s pretty remarkable. Some people may remember how back in January he took some time off due to his bad health, which in turn impacted on Apple’s shares. In more recent times, Steve Jobs resigned and became the chairman of the board with Tim Cook being names as his successor at the request of Steve Jobs.

He was a man that not only delivered high quality products but he was always full of surprises, when he was on the stage at Apple conferences you knew about it. He had stage presence and nobody really knew what to expect, I remember when he pretty much walked on stage with the iPhone 4 after Apple had stuck to its normal secretive ways and just started talking about it!

As always, when someone who is high profile dies, Twitter goes nuts but mainly with messages of RIP. Right now, Twitter has several Apple related trends such as RIP Steve Jobs, #ThankYouSteve, Think Different and iSad. Check out this tweet that went in from Caline Malek.

From all of us at OSM, thank you and RIP Steve Jobs, you were a brilliant man.

How do you see Apple moving forward from this tragic loss? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.