Pure Genius Steve Jobs Passion For Apple: RIP

A sad sad day today, as news filters through of the death of a great legend in the world of technology. To some who have classed him as a genius and a visionary, Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs died yesterday October 5th 2011 after an ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. The person who brought us the iPhone, iPad, the Mac amongst others will today be remembered for the great person he was and his mark on technological advances.

Born on February 24 1955, the Apple co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple, started off in the 1970′s alongside Steve Wozniak, Mike Markkula amongst others designing, developing and lastly marketing inventions mainly that of personal computers the Apple II series. In 1976 Apple was founded. By the early 1980′s, Jobs became the first to see the potential of Xerox Parc’s mouse-driven graphical user interface, which later on would lead to the Macintosh.

Along the way Jobs found himself in a battle against the board of directors leading him to resign from Apple and consequently founded NeXT, a computer platform solely concentrating in the higher education and business markets. In 1996, the buyout of NeXT from Apple brought Jobs back to the company he loved that of Apple and from 1997 until 2011 he served his time at what it now a global phenomenon.

When we just take a look around us with what Jobs has achieved and what will be his legacy. The world of technology has changed and a big percentage of that is down to the great man that was Steve Jobs. Just two days ago, a new iPhone 4S was announced by new CEO Tim Cook who took over from Jobs in August 2011, with some questioning where Jobs was and if he would make an appearance. Jobs health for some time had been reported and in January of this year, the CEO took medical leave.

Tributes have been left and will be for some time yet to a great man. People are making their way to Apple to pay their respects and online social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are inundated with messages. One such celebrity is that of Stephen Fry who according to the telegraph.co.uk tweeted, “Woke to the news of Steve Job’s death. He changed the world. I knew him a little and admired him entirely. Love to Apple and his family.”

Please leave us your tribute messages to the man that changed the face of technology STEVE JOBS. RIP from us here at OSM.