Facebook Pays Its Own Steve Jobs Tribute: RIP

Normally here at OSM, we would be giving you news about Facebook’s new Timeline interface that has caused mixed feelings with its users, or the latest scam, privacy issues, brand that is being promoted on the site and so on. But today it’s somewhat different, with the sad news that Apple’s former CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away.

Just this morning whilst we get over the shock that he has gone, the internet of course has been inundated with various stories. Apple’s Headquarters as well as its stores around the world are paying tribute to the man that founded their company, as well as changing the course of technology. Bringing us devices over the years such as the Mac computer range, the smartphone that would revolutionise the way others are made and of course the iPad, Jobs will be remembered by millions.

Jobs had been fighting an ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer and back in January of this year, he took medical leave from his beloved company. In August, he gave the reins over to new CEO Tim Cook who presented us just two days ago with the new iPhone 4S.

As we ask you to leave your own messages below for Steve Jobs, his family and of course Apple, we have reported that online social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been trying to cope with inundated messages from their users. With Tim reporting this morning on the effect its had on Twitter, we wanted to check out how Facebook were coping.

On the tribute page specifically set up for Steve Jobs titled R.I.P. Steve Jobs, some 68,269 have clicked onto it with comments such as, “Thank you for all the wonderful products you have given us!!!! Your brilliance will be missed!!!!”

Another said, “You have changed modern day computing that no other can explain. I have always been a big fan of your work and Apple in general. It’s a strong built company and one of the most innovative in the world. You will be missed and we all know your in a better place.”

Tell us your thoughts on Steve Jobs and your tribute messages below. RIP to the great man.

  • Oura1

    I have never bought an Apple product I was brought up on pc`s but many times I had wished my fist would have been a mac, steve jobs has changed the world thanks to his design and products once if you said you had an apple everyone thought you had a peice of fruit but no more if you say you havean Apple everyone knows steve jobbs rest in peice guess you will be with us in the icloud ;)

  • http://twitter.com/DrunkReport DrunkReport.com

    He left us too soon…