No Signs Of Slowing Up: Facebook’s New 800 Million

When we associate the words “Social Networking,” we automatically think of the two big sites Facebook and of course Twitter. Now with a third in contention, that of Google+, many thought that both the first two would suffer in terms of user numbers, but actually quite the opposite can be reported.

Just recently we spoke about how Twitter has upped its user numbers to over 200 million now, but its Facebook that have seen a massive jump with now 800 million to speak of. Not bad going when you think that it launched itself back in 2004 and its suffered quite a few changes since its arrival.

When you consider as quite rightly pointed out, the number of people as a global population with some 7 billion and Facebook’s new figure of 800 million, this means that one in every nine are now fully fledged Facebook members.

As to Facebook’s popularity over Twitter is still a mystery, but some have made reference to Twitter being a little difficult to use, with the benefits of hashtags, usernames and so on. Facebook on the other hand has been a talking point over the last week or two, with news that their new layout called “Timeline” is on the way with some features already being added. Many have said that they prefer the “Old Facebook” and do not want something new.

Along with this over the years, CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg has been criticised over the way in which privacy issues are dealt with.

If we consider how important both sites are these days. When clicking onto a site, nine times out of ten, there will be link to one of the above with both being questioned with their overuse at work or home. In the past we’ve brought you articles relating to how people are getting addicted to such sites, with the highest number being seen in teenagers choosing to stay in and talk to people online, rather than going out and interacting face to face.

A recent study from Citigroup showed that 16% of online use in America was from time spent on Facebook, with 11% on Google and 9% on Yahoo.

Despite negativity, Facebook has and is still the number one social networking site. For promoting brands, the site provides a good solid base to entice customers and revenue, live-streaming can be found to some events, take a recent interview with chat show host Oprah Winfrey, news of tickets to the late Michael Jackson’s Tribute Concert and so on.

Let us know if you are a user to Facebook? Would you be able to cope without it? What’s your thoughts on the new layout?


    this Facebook beast must be stopped! it’s an okay service but dannng…. too big, Zuck… we need alternatives