New UK iPhone 4S Details, Case Line-Up & AppleCare+

Following on from Apple’s major event yesterday with an announcement of the new iPhone 4S, consumers many of which are avid Apple fans, are left disappointed with an iPhone 5 no show. There will be some that had already traded in their current iPhone 4 for a new handset, whilst others may choose to stick with what they currently have.

The new iPhone 4S to look at is no different from the existing iPhone 4, but the changes really come from within the device. New key features include a A5 dual-core processor making it twice as fast, seven times faster with its graphics, Siri voice activation, iOS 5 OS, 8 megapixel camera with face detection and so on.

Apple were keen to point out at their media event, that only some countries will be able to reap its benefits on October 14th with its official release, pre-orders are being taken from this Friday. By the end of the month on the 28th, another 22 countries would have been added. Countries to benefit first off will be the US, UK, Australia, Japan, France, Germany and Canada. Already today, we’ve given you the three US carriers running with the new Apple device, they will be Sprint, AT&T and of course the big red Verizon Wireless. This will be the first time that Sprint would have included the iPhone into their range with T-Mobile missing out.

For the UK market, its been reported from the team over at Cnet, that the iPhone 4S will set you back £499 from Apple, this will be for a 16GB model, but bear in mind that other stockists will be retailing the handset on various contracts, mostly on a two-year data plan. Other considerations to make are whether you would like a 32GB or hefty 64GB model. These will cost you slightly more with the smaller model £599 and the bigger £699.

Currently retailer “Three” will be stocking the iPhone 4S with others including O2, T-Mobile, Orange and Vodafone.

To protect your new device from bumps, knocks and even scratches, cases can be purchased from different suppliers. One that caught our eye and of which we’ve spoken about in the past, is that of iLuv. Before we give you a basic rundown of products to dress you’re device up, we can tell you that the cases will fit your existing iPhone 4. Colours, styles and of course the price range do vary but it obviously comes down to personal preference.

One such case is that of the Regatta Dual-Layer case. This gives added protection from two separate layers in case the phone gets dropped, in a high gloss finish and is available in nine different colours.

Next up and its one of our favorites is that of the Aurora Glow in the Dark case. In three colours, the Aurora case of course glows in the dark still giving that extra protection. Prices for the cases start from $19.99 through to the top end of $34.99, bearing in mind these prices are in dollars and not pounds sterling. Click onto the iLuv link to find out more.

Before we go we just wanted to let you know about the change in Apple’s previous customer care plan, produced when you purchase your iPhone handset. A change reported by Mashable, has been announced with a new AppleCare+ plan which covers you from accidental damage with the add on, if you stand on the device or even as stated, drop it down the toilet.

Customers will now benefit from one year of hardware repair coverage plus 90 days of telephone technical support should they need it. The new plan only covers up to two accidents “due to handling.” Initially once you’ve reported an incident, it may end up costing you a $49 service fee but it will definitely work out cheaper than buying a brand new device. To find out more click onto Mashable.

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone 4S and its new AppleCare+ plan? Will you be buying both and any accessories?