New World iPhone 4S: Specs, Price, Release & Carriers

The scene was set at Apple’s Town Hall auditorium within their campus, a slightly smaller location to that of their previous events at WWDC, with a starting time of 10.00 am US and 6 pm UK time. After months of the rumor mill spinning in overdrive, we now have some concrete information to go on.

Hosted by new CEO Tim Cook who made reference to this being his first product launch and that the town hall was where the first iPod was launched back in 2001, he went on to say how the device has changed the way we listen to music and how the MacBook Air has changed the way we view computers. The iPod Nano will be updated this year with a new multi-touch display with bigger icons, improved fitness experience, 16 new clock faces including Mickey Mouse with both the 8GB and the 16GB being more affordable. In relation to the iPod Touch, Phil Schiller announced that it will now benefit from the new iOS 5 and iCloud, along with a white version in all three storage capacities launching on October 12th.

The hype was certainly building up when mention of the iPhone and its achievements started to be announced. First up with a speech from Scott Forstall, he emphasized the fact that iOS is still the leading mobile OS with millions upon millions of apps being downloaded for the iPad and iPhone devices.

Along with the new implementation of iOS 5 OS, will come at least 10 great features one of which is the new “Cards’ app allowing you to design and send cards straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch to your loved one. Other additional benefits of the new OS include a Reminders app, Twitter integration, Newsstand, updated camera app, new Games Center, new Safari updates including a new feature “Reader,” syncing between iOS devices, tabbed browsing, PC free feature all dropping on October 12th with news that iCloud will be available within Apple’s apps at no charge. Initially, 5GB of online data will be free with the benefit of upping it if needed. Itunes Match will go live in America at the end of October, other countries will hopefully receive it in the not too distant future.

The much hyped up iphone 4S will now know will come with Retina Display, A5 dual-core chip giving it twice the speed, dual-core graphics which are reported by Apple to be 7 times faster than the current iPhone 4. A graphics demo was shown using the latest God of War game, Infinity Blade will be running on the new iPhone addition with availability from December 1st. Battery life was spoken about thanks to Phil Schiller who announced that the 4S will offer up to 8 hours of 3G talk time, 6 hours of browsing, 9 on WiFi, 10 hours of video and 40 hours of music. Transmitting and receiving between 2 antennas can now be achieved thanks to engineers, therefore giving better call quality. Download speeds will be twice as fast as the iPhone 4 making is just as fast as other 4G handsets.

Next big news, that of a world phone, the iPhone 4S will have both GSM and CDMA, allowing roaming around the globe, new 8MP sensor camera with 3264×2448 pixels including features such as the new ISP that of Image Signal Processor, enabling face detection and 26% better white balance, 1080p HD video recording with the benefit of Video Image Stabilization, Airplay Mirroring which will benefit everybody particularly for those of you who enjoy gaming on a bigger scale wired or wirelessly. Last but certainly not to be missed out is that of live voice recognition by the name of “Siri.” This allows you to make appointments and remember them with the aid of Siri, find out the best restaurants in town, weather forecasts, directions and so on. On looking at the new handset, a microphone sits next to the spacebar in the keyboard allowing you to take dictation in different languages such as Natural, Contextual, Conversational and so on. A beta version allowing languages such as English, German and French will be available with more on the way.

Release, carriers and prices we can tell you will be: Pre-orders for the 4S start on Friday 7th with availability from October 14th. The handset will hit the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Canada and Australia first, with carriers in the US being Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. On the 28th October, 22 other countries will be included and 70 more by the end of 2011. Prices for black and white versions will be for the 16GB $199, 32GB at $299 and 64GB at $399. An 8GB iPhone 4 will now set you back $99 on a two-year data plan, with an 8GB 3GS free on contract.

Give us your thoughts on the new iPhone 4S world phone? Pleased or deflated?

  • Wayne Skinner

    Underwhelmed - really. Wish the phone would have had a new exterior also. Larger screen at least. Apple lost my money on this one. What would really be a bad move would be to launch another phone (iPhone5) in less than 6 months. would really piss off those who were locked into the 2 year contract for the 4s :(