iOS 5 release date enough for now?

In just a matter of hours time, we will at last have official news in relation to Apple’s new iPhone handset, be it the fifth generation or what many believe to be a revamped version of the current iPhone 4. Whatever the news brings, it will be direct from the horse’s mouth as it were and not just a barrage of rumor.

Along with others, we have been posting news of the new iPhone for quite some time, with what its possible specs will be, price, release date and the latest of its new iOS 5 operating system. Announced at their WWDC event a few months back, Apple will be up against strong competition from other handsets that have the inclusion of Android’s OS and let’s be fair that’s the majority of them. A new ice-cream sandwich OS is due to be released in the not so distant future, which is rumored to be introduced on the new Nexus Prime handset, dubbed a monstrous phone. Currently the iPhone will be up against strong rivalry from Motorola’s new Droid Bionic, Samsung’s new Galaxy S II, an entire list from HTC and so on. But today its the iOS 5 OS that we wanted to talk about which at times has been overshadowed by the new iPhone’s other features.

The new OS will bring with it over 200 new features bringing the future of Apple devices, namely the next iPhone into a completely different spectrum. For those of you unaware of what iOS 5 will offer you, we have listed a brief overview giving you extreme power functionality. First up is that of the new notification center. A subtle animation at the top of the screen will bring up a new notification, which can be accessed by swiping down to the bottom of the screen allowing you to see any missed calls and text messages received. With a quick tap it will take you direct to the new app. Users will benefit from receiving the new notifications without being taken away from what their currently doing. Messages can also be seen even with the lock screen on whilst allowing users to access them again with just one swipe.

Next up is that of Newsstand. The new iOS 5 OS has organised all magazine and newspaper subscriptions into one place which will automatically be updated, giving you all the latest issues with the extra touch of the newspaper store straight into the newsstand.

Reminders allows you to be updated with all the daily tasks that need to be carried out including a location reminder. This once you’ve arrived at your destination will allow you to remember what you have to do. To-do lists make life easier for you the user with reminders working with iCal, Outlook and iCloud.

Twitter integration is now a key feature allowing you to sign in just the once for all of your Twitter apps, tweeting can be carried out direct from Photos, Safari, YouTube, Camera or Maps. You’ve decided to reply to one of your friends tweets, this can be done quickly through just typing a name and iOS 5 does the rest.

Other iOS 5 goodies include a faster and improved Safari web browser, iMessage, Camera, Photos, PC free allowing you to activate and set up your device wirelessly from the box, Airplay Mirroring, Game Center and so on.

Before the Apple event is due to kick off today at 10 am US time and 6 pm UK time amongst other time-zones, we wanted to let you know that there is time if you have an iPhone, to use iOS 5 after its released whilst deciding if the next iPhone is worth the upgrade. We wanted to know will you be purchasing an iPhone 5 straight away or trying out iOS 5 first up if you have an iPhone already?

Let us know.

  • Cyoung

    will it sort out the problem of calls dropping off and the phone locking up?

  • Jerryhamilt

    I still want one!