Initial iPhone 5/4S Feedback: Your Good & Bad Reactions

In just a short time, one of Apple’s biggest events will give us that all important news that the whole world has been waiting for, news of a new iPhone(s). After some 15 months of waiting and reporting on pure rumor we will know for certain what to expect from the huge Cali company.

With an iPhone 5 expected and let’s face it if Apple doesn’t announce one, then customers may rebel and news of a possible iPhone 4S sitting next to it, the future looks rosy! But what can customers hope to see from the CEO Tim Cook’s announcement in just a little while?

Specs wise, the iPhone 5 has for some time been reported to come with a larger display but thinner, A5 dual-core processor giving as MacRumors stated “more definitive GPS features,” bigger 8 MP camera, possibly Near Field Communication (NFC), iOS 5 OS, speech to text feature and so on.

Feeling has been mixed in relation to what consumers want from their next Apple handset. The company have made reference to the fact that alongside heavyweight future devices, affordable alternatives should be put in place to appeal to a vast market. Having a phone such as the 4S would be the ideal choice when put up against some of Android’s offerings.

After today its hoped that the new iPhone(s) release will be made clearer, news that we’ve brought you lately has been pointing to at least five countries including the US and UK receiving the new addition from Friday 14th October, whilst others have pegged the 4S with a release on or around the 21st.

With today’s technological advances, we still have to question why Apple didn’t decide to live-stream the event, live blogs will be in motion from Engadget, MacRumors Live and so on. Keep coming back to us for the latest event updates.

Today we wanted to ask the question of whether you are keen to change straight away to the new iPhone with its new iOS 5 OS? Or whether you will just opt to try the new operating system with your current iPhone 4? Give us your initial feedback in relation to the iPhone’s news, happy or somewhat disappointed?