Official Entrance: US AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

The US up until 3 weeks ago was patiently waiting for the arrival of Samsung’s popular Galaxy S II, a global phenomenon its fair to say. Now with Sprint’s variant the “Epic 4G Touch” available, the next to join the list stateside is that from AT&T. We know that T-Mobile’s version is on its way, this became apparent from an event recently held on September 26th.

Before we’ve got to the end of this month, Samsung have already achieved their 10 million sold handsets and the figure is continually rising. This was hoped to be knocked on the head by the end of the year, so as you can see the popularity of this phone is immense. So what will AT&T’s model provide you with in terms of specifications and for what price?

According to, the new Sammy will retail for a whooping $549 as a stand-alone price, but if you’re considering a contract, then this will set you back $199 on a two-year data plan. In relation to those all important specs, the AT&T model is fairly similar to the global Galaxy S II. With a 4.3-inch Super Amoled Plus display, the new handset will include a 1.2GHz Exynos processor, 1GB of RAM, 8 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel to the front, AT&T’s HSPA+ 4G network and so on. The one advantage that AT&T’s phone has over Sprint’s is that it comes with the much talked about feature of Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows you pay for purchases with your mobile phone over a special reader.

Over at, they have had time to give the AT&T a closer inspection with some positive and negative feedback, allowing you to make a fair decision with your next purchase. We’ve given you a brief synopsis of their findings but to get a clear picture, click onto the link directly above.

If we start off with its overall appearance and design features. Although a little plasticky, the phone is impressively light and thin to look at and hold. With just a weight of 4.09 ounces, it is slightly smaller than its counterparts from Sprint and T-Mobile in terms of display size. AT&T’s will provide the 4.3-inch as mentioned with the other two rivals giving a 4.5-inch. Display wise, the colors from the Super Amoled Plus screen cannot fail to impress. Crisp, clean and blunt colors are detailed even if the handset is held in direct sunlight.

Running on Android with the implementation of the new TouchWiz 4.0 allows the screen even when locked, to display missed calls and text messages that need to be read. These can be swiped instead of having to unlock your phone. Along with this it was noted that the new TouchWiz allows you to pinch the home screen to see small thumbnail sized versions of all your screens, along with the added benefit of positioning the handset face down and silencing your phone from ringing and playing music.

Powered up by AT&T’s 4G network, the Galaxy S II impressed with its speed, although it does perform a little slower than Sprint and T-Mobile’s versions. Multimedia and apps delighted especially with Samsung’s Kies Air app, this allows you to view videos, photos, IMs, bookmarks with the benefit of sending text messages via a PC.

Now of course with the positive, comes the negative. This could be seen with the overall security of the phone. were keen to point out that there is a big security flaw allowing the phone to be broken into. The problem lies with the phone’s user interface and the security screen lock. When the device is turned on, the pattern lock apparently shows up if you set it. The phone will then automatically switch itself off, turn the display back on and the phone is unlocked, this is something that Samsung are aware of and are hoping to rectify.

Let us know if you will be getting the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II? Give us your initial feedback, good, bad?