Exclusive Titanium iPhone 5 Cases: Brikk Feature

If like many you are waiting with high anticipation for Apple’s latest generation iPhone, then the chances are that you have already indulged your dreams with thoughts of accessories for your forthcoming device. And what is the first thing that we all think off when expecting the delivery of a shiny new handset? It is of course how we are going to protect it against the riggers of everyday life. Yes we understand that our latest purchase has been chosen for its slim svelte lines and minimalist styling, and while we would love to keep it as God intended the simple fact is that it wont stay spotless for long without some assistance.

Now while it is a simple task to just click on everyone’s favorite auction site and pick up a case or protective cover in any number of shapes, styles and colors, for some these cut-price shrouds just don’t cut it. So if cost is a minor inconvenience to you then why not take a look at what Brikk has to offer. As Ubergizmo reported, Brikk have taken on the task of designing cases for the upcoming iPhone 5, and have doe it in style.

For those that aren’t aware of Brikk, this design and manufacture company produce couture accessories for the fashion, lifestyle and technology industries. Based in Los Angeles the firm has office in Germany with plans to spread manufacture across Europe.

Their design for the iPhone 5 also has adaptations for the iPhone 4 and comes as a simple Trim style protection cover in hard-wearing titanium. This limited edition range will be available in Gold, Platinum, Black DLC or Gray Stealth finishes. As Brikk themselves state, the product range is themed around ‘Altruistic Precision’, and will also offer a feel good factor for those shelling out for the high-end accessory.

While prices range from an expensive $3,000 up to an astronomical $4,500, the purchaser can sleep safe in the knowledge that for every Trim sold, funding will be offered to the distribution of rice by various NGO’s. So while your iPhone is being protected someone else is enjoying a meal, could this be the best way to justify your costly purchases? Obviously the fact the case costs more than your actual handset really isn’t the point.

With such a high initial outlay those who have purchased Brikk Trims for their iPhone 4’s will be offered a trade-in option when switching to iPhone 5’s, if purchased before the end of the year. If you wan to check out some more information then have a look at the Brikk press release over at PR News Wire. Why not tell us what your limit is when making a decision on handset protection?