The Angry Birds Rap: Brilliant YouTube Viral Video

The Angry Birds Rap: Brilliant YouTube Viral Video

In the words of UFC’s Bruce Buffer… Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time! That’s right, we have another YouTube viral video to tell you all about and this one is a cracker. It combines two great things that we have in this day and age, Angry Birds and YouTube. The title of the video is “The Angry Birds Rap” and it’s definitely a brilliant YouTube viral video.

Most videos that trend on YouTube show something that’s amazing, cute or very strange. For example, the guys that throw the paper plans off a balcony and one of them ends up in a bin, the mother cat that pulls in its kitten for a hug and then the Nyan cat which is just downright weird.

Getting back to today’s video, it combines the ever popular Angry Birds from Rovio with clips from the game being played and a creative person who has made an entire rap about the game. He goes into detail in his YouTube hit about each of the versions of Angry Birds which is available on the iOS and Android smartphones, before getting into rapping about each of the birds!

When I first saw the title, I did wonder just how good this video would be, but then I saw the view counter soaring at over 1.3 million. What you have to remember is it’s managed to get that many views since it was uploaded on 27th February and it’s continuing to grow. Personally, I think Rovio should contact the makers and put this song into the game as an option instead of the regular music. As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

What did you think of the Angry Birds rap? Would you buy this if it was on iTunes? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Finch Pseudolus

    LOOOOOOOVE the video! This guy should be famous! Would TOTALLY buy the song! And I love that its one of the ONLY raps out there with good clever lyrics that I would still want my kids to listen to