Differences In FIFA 12 UK Prices: Where You Going?

Many of you are no doubt counting the hours down until one of the most anticipated games get released at midnight tonight, yep that’s right the new soccer game FIFA 12. Along with this title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 by the end of the year are dubbed to be the three favorites.

Already demoed by many gamers, FIFA 12 as we’ve mentioned will be released from midnight tonight. Yesterday we gave you news about two retailers, that of GAME and GameStation who will be opening their doors as always, to specifically set up launches. With stores across the UK seeing an influx of customers, we hope that there will be enough copies to go around for everybody.

The advice is to get in the queue as early as possible, there’s any incentive to be the first in line, with GAME offering a free FIFA 12 copy plus a new 3D LG LED TV. We asked the question yesterday, whether you will be queuing later or just popping into your nearest supermarket to grab your prized possession.

Added to this today, we can now give you a brief rundown of where you can pick up your game at the right price. According to Ben Parfitt over at mcvuk.com, supermarket wars have already commenced with Tesco seemingly offering the best deal. For a price of £25, FIFA 12 can be picked up on the understanding that the consumer purchases a PSN card, Xbox Live membership or a chart title.

Next up is that of Sainsburys. For a higher price of £28.99, consumers have to spend a minimum of £30 in store on any goods. The deal may be slightly more flexible than Tesco’s but of course it comes down to personal choice and whether you need a basket full of items.

Morrison’s are offering a slightly more expensive deal with FIFA 12 being retailed for £30 plus a chart game title.

Stuck for Christmas ideas, then American chain Asda’s, are offering the game at a massive £38.97 in-store and online, however, the game can be purchased along with the 250GB Xbox 360 console at a price of £190, perhaps this is something to be considered as a Christmas pressie.

Entertainment retail chain HMV are selling the game for just £1.99 to a customer that trades in a copy of Codemasters racer F1 2011, however from next Friday October 7th, the FIFA 12 game can be traded in for a copy of RAGE for £1.99.

As we continue with our retailer list, giants GAME will be allowing an additional 2% on any games traded in against the popular FIFA 12.

Last up thanks to mcvuk.com’s findings, the new soccer game can be purchased from ShopTo.net for a price of £37.85 for the standard edition SKU, a price of £39.85 at Zavvi, GameStop at £39.97 and £39.99 at Amazon. At the top end of the scale Play.com are selling the new game for a whooping £42.89.

Tell us whether you will be queuing up for your new game later and where? If not, do any of the above retailers get your vote?

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