Video Goes Viral: Telekinetic man plays with paper planes!!

We all love the viral videos that circulate on YouTube, especially the ones where someone does something amazing or completely by chance. That is exactly what has happened when these lucky people were filming as they allowed their paper planes to fly off their balcony in the YouTube viral video titled “Telekinetic man plays with paper planes!!”

As we have seen with many different videos, ones that are classed as viral are different from the average video that gets uploaded. Viral videos normally have something completely unique about them such as a soldier dancing like Carlton from the Fresh Prince or sometimes it’s a new clip of some gameplay from a new, up and coming game title.

Moving back to the actual clip, so far it has managed to pull in over 115,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday and it’s continuing to grow. With that being the case, you are probably wondering what all the fuss is about… Well the creators of the paper planes all cast them off the balcony with one making a direct route for the pavement and another flying off to the right hand side of the picture. The third one is the plane we are interested in though, the peculiar shaped glider goes around in circles as gravity pulls it down to earth only, when it does in its circular motion, it flies into a bin that has a slight opening!

It’s a once in a lifetime throw that has been caught on camera and I don’t think we will ever see anything like this again. The creators of the plane are all urging it to go in the bin and when it eventually does, they go bananas. As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of the video, have you ever seen anything like that before? Let us know in the comments section below.