US, UK & 3 Others To Release iPhone 5 October 14th?

Where do we start with the iPhone 5 news today? Well, that’s an easy one, the media event of course scheduled to take place October 4th at Apple’s Headquarters. This is the time finally, that we are all hoping to see the illustrious iPhone 5, despite some believing that it will not show itself until next year. Although the event’s invitation clearly states “Lets Talk iPhone,” with no mention of the fifth gen, many are putting money down that it will be the iPhone 5.

So with a media event and two subsequent Twitter iOS 5 dates set on October 10th in London and October 12th in New York, we are now starting to get a clear picture. After months and months of speculation, a rumored specs sheet has at last started to form, although we have to stress they’re not official. One piece of information not to missed, is that of the time of the event. According to Phones Review, the October 4th event will get underway 10 am Pacific Time with the UK seeing the event unfold at 6 pm. Keep checking back with us on that date and time to find out the information as it gets announced.

Today according to AppleInsider, the UK, US, France, Japan and Germany will get to enjoy the iPhone 5 on Friday October 14, this is the time that retailers will be preparing for its big launch. The news via Macotakara, a Japanese website, have also stated that the timing falls in line with Apple employees being denied holiday leave during the days October 14 and 15.

This isn’t the first time that these specific dates have cropped up, previously carrier Orange have pinpointed the iPhone 5′s release to a launch date of October 15th, with the new iOS 5 OS arriving to handset assemblers this week and being implemented just before the iPhone 5‘s arrival.

In terms of how well the fifth gen will do, we know that demand for the new handset is massive. Many of our readers have been following the updates for months now and are still holding on in there. Interestingly, in a report from, two in five mobile users within the UK will be buying the new Apple. This comes from a survey by InMobi that states that 39% of current mobile users in Britain are intending to purchase the iPhone 5, with 48% saying that they would their purchase within the first six months of the reveal. Along with this a higher figure of 62% of current iPad users are hoping to get a new iPhone 5, compared to 45% of BlackBerry and an even smaller 24% of Android users.

Specs wise, potential consumers are hoping to see a variation on the new device, these include the most popular being that of a bigger battery, higher screen resolution and faster processor.

Firstly tell us if you are waiting for the new iPhone 5 and what are you hoping to hear? Will you be following the action as it happens? Or are we all making too much fuss over a new phone?