Queuing for FIFA 12 UK Midnight release

Ok, the hours are ticking down until the much anticipated new FIFA 12 game arrives in the UK at midnight on Thursday 29th September. The demo has now been and gone and the general feelings towards the new arrival from gamers was that of a positive one. We know that the new soccer game has already released in the States and is available to buy, but what’s the news for everyone else?

Over at PR News, Alan NG has spoken about the new FIFA 12 being released from midnight this Thursday 29th/Friday 30th September and to give you a helping hand, (not that you’re probably need it), he has listed some helpful information to help you in your quest to pick up your copy.

The usual suspects such as GameStation and GAME will be holding their own midnight launches so expect to get their early to find your spot in the expanding queue. It’s been reported that you arrive early with the intention of being the first person at the start of the queue. On doing so, not only will GAME be giving away the new FIFA game, but the first in line will be lucky enough to walk away with a brand new 3D LG LED TV. As reported, throughout the launch, other goodies will be given away including more TV’s.

In relation to both stores, www.eurogamer.net has reported that there will be at least 243 GAME stores holding midnight launches across the UK including GAME’s flagship store in London’s Oxford Street, with 165 GameStation stores opening their doors. The advice is to get there as early as you can.

Take a look at our previous post in which we spoke about the FIFA 12 Demo and our thoughts on it, as well as those from people heading over to social networking site Twitter. Interesting times lay ahead with how EA will support the game after its official release in relation to DLC and those all important transfer updates.

Tell us will you be queuing up on Thursday night/Friday morning for the new FIFA 12? Or are you are going somewhere such as your nearest supermarket to pick up your copy? Let us know in the comments box directly below.

  • Bennett84

    Maidenhead game an il be gettin there for 11:15 #Standard

  • Me

    Asda Leeds, 11.00pm, selling fifa 12 xbox360 for 27 special edition

  • ch

    is it really that cheap?

  • Paulhuckle

    is camden stores doing fifa 12 midnight launch