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Is MW3′s Survival Mode IW’s Version Of Black Ops’ Zombies?

September 28, 2021 | Matt Tran

With last week’s “Rezurrection” map pack launch for Black Ops, it looks like gamers have had their fill of Call Of Duty Zombies for at least another year. Attention will now be focused on Modern Warfare 3 which launches worldwide on November 8th. Sadly Zombie mode is a Treyarch thing and Infinity Ward will not be offering the undead slaying game, but have we got a worthy substitute in Survival Mode?

This new type of game has so many similar features to Zombies but is different, and we will talk about some of these features now. The team principles of the game stay the same in that a small group of players must fend off increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Rounds are unlimited in both games and keep going until all players die. MW3′s game will see players go up against artificially intelligent (computer controlled) soldiers just like in Zombies. In Black Ops the Zombie maps do not carry much resemblance to multiplayer ones like in World at War; however Survival Mode will be played in Modern Warfare 3′s online maps.

In Zombies the players earns points by killing enemies, in Survival Mode money is earned. Perks can be bought from cola machines giving various advantageous effects to the drinker, they are purchased from an armory in SM. When a player wishes to get a better weapon in zombies they can either buy one off the wall or buy a random spin of the mystery box. On SM, more powerful guns and equipment are bought from the gear armory in between rounds, its effectively like having a “crawler” at the end of each wave.

It seems that Survival Mode will be more difficult than Zombies however, for a number of reasons. Firstly in Zombies, enemies can only hurt you via close range melee attakcs. This allows players to run around the map and gather large groups of following enemies, in SM the enemies will have guns. This will mean you will have to take a more tactical approach and make the most of cover. In Zombies there are alternate enemies which include the Hell Hounds (dogs), Monkeys, Gas Zombies and George Romero. A huge addition is that killstreak rewards will be available for and against the player in Survival Mode.

Enemies in SM include C4 armed attack dogs, Juggernauts (heavily armored enemies) and hostile air support. Players will be able to purchase their own air support which included predator missiles, airstrikes and the AC-130. Equipment ranging from claymores to riot shields can also be bought, visit Cod Wiki for full information. Other Zombie features like the Pack a Punch machine will be offered in the form of conventional weapon upgrades in SM. Unique detail will be brought in but the similarities to Zombies is making this mode sound very attractive.

A major negative is being reported by Get Modern Warfare, and it is that SM will only allow 2 player co-op. In Zombies you can play with up to 4 people and so it is fantastic for small groups of friends to get together for a few hours. Teams of just 2 people do not sound good, will it affect what game modes you play in MW3? Given what we have spoken about, do you believe Survival Mode can be better than Zombies from Black Ops, if not a worthy substitute? You can see more of what we have been talking about in a great YouTube video by TmarTn embedded below. Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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