FIFA 12 for Mac OS X unleashed, PES 2012 missing

Today we are talking about a game that football fans around the globe have been thinking about for some time, that’s right, FIFA 12. We have a little bit more news about it as it’s now been unleashed on the Mac OS X and as things stand there’s still no sign of its main competitor PES 2012.

The FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer battle has been going on for years and it certainly looks like the battle will continue as they compete to be the best soccer game. Because they are of the same genre, both games are always compared against one another with FIFA perhaps getting the better of the recent scraps.

Already we have been talking about the late night queuing that will be happening tomorrow night as FIFA addicts will be trying to get their hands on the new updated game following the success of the free demo. Bearing all of that in mind, we wanted to inform all of you using the Mac OS X that FIFA 12 is now available to buy digitally and you can see more about it at If you just wanted to double check the required specifications then take a look at the image below.

The same piece tells you all about the game features including the pro player intelligence, true injuries, precision dribbling, tactical defending and of course, the new player impact engine which all looks to be taking the game to the next level. This title looks to be one of the biggest games of the year along with the likes of CoD MW3 and Battlefield 3 and it will undoubtedly keep FIFA players busy until the next launch!

What do you all think of FIFA 12? Do you play games on your Apple Mac computers? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Randi

    THANK GOD….i have been waiting for a FIFA game on the Mac since 2008 =D!!

  • Chaca

    What i f I want to try the DEMO for my Mac OS X, cause up til now I haven’t found any way of trying the demo for mac, could anyone help me??

  • AM

    Can you play online on a Mac against Play Station 3 players?