Birth Of iPhone 5 Could See Death Of iPod Classic & Shuffle

In with the new, out with the old… is this the policy that Apple are going to enforce again very soon? Next week the world will see the iPhone 5 for the first time, it’s introduction will make waves in the mobile world. Hysteria will be created on October 4th but could it be a few old favorites which are put to the sword by the new kid on the block?

Apple have been doing top of the range mobile devices for over 10 years, it all started back in 2001 with the first ever iPod. The chunky media player which was primarily used for on the go mp3s was the first of its kind, slipping right into your pocket! The device everyone had back then was the Walkman, Apple created a revolution with the iPod Classic. The tech giant then made it a household name with the introduction of several other models including the Mini, Shuffle, Nano and Touch.

Although these reports are unconfirmed, multiple sources are today claiming that Apple are going to retire the iPod Classic and Shuffle. According to T3, sales of these iPod models have really slumped, and it is no surprise given how old and out of date they are. The iPod Touch is the highest quality of mp3 player offered by Apple, in fact doing much of what the iPhone can do. The rise of smartphones has also contributed to the iPod’s demise, a music player is mandatory on every model today.

The iPhone 5 which is expected to have a new design, larger screen, dual core processor, 8 megapixel camera and 1080p video recording. The handset will have a built in iPod like all previous models, showing how you can pack all your needs into one device. Visit Mashable for a more in depth look at what the iPhone 5 may bring. The older iPod models are now technology relics but were Kings in their day; there is no place for them now and they have been superseded multiple times. Apple are expected to launch an iPhone 4S and white 3G enabled iPod Touch at their event next week for the iPhone 5. Do you think the plug will be pulled on the iPod Touch and Shuffle?