iPhone 5 Event Coupled With Facebook iPad App?

With an iPhone 5 event expected to take place on October 4th on Apple’s own turf, we have yet more news to share with you today. The rumor mill has been set in motion, with news that Facebook will be introducing their new iPad app, along with a possible refreshed version of their existing iPhone app and news of an HTML5-based mobile app marketplace.

Already mentioned previously this year and despite words over licensing amongst other things, it seems the two that of Apple and Facebook, may now be collaborating to launch the new add-on’s. According to cnn.com via mashable, Jeff Verkoeyen ex-employee of Facebook revealed he left his position as engineer, because Facebook were spending too long in getting the app finalised ready for launch. Mention was also made to the extensive hours that Verkoeyen had been working to reach the launch target, with some 80+ hours worked over a 7-day week for at least 8 months.

He also added that as well as Apple and Facebook having a conflict of words, trying to fix an ideal time to bring out the new iPad app was always an issue. Now it seems with Google’s new social network Google+, the stakes are hotting up and what better time to announce the new app(s). With the iPhone 5 now set for an announcement, the two companies now need to shift their existing platforms onto one.

Twitter already have integration into Apple’s new iOS 5 OS of which two events are listed to take place to announce this, the first in London on October 10th and the second in New York City on October 12th. To have any of the action, it seemed Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg knew that Apple needed an iPad app to follow on through from the current iPhone app, so it now seems its finally coming to fruition.

As well as the new iPad app rumored to be announced, the iPhone app will be revamped with improvements seen relating to speed and design features. The popular social networking site is hoping to bring a new project titled “Project Spartan” which will allow developers to bring their own Facebook apps to varying mobile devices via the HTML5 platform.

Tell us what you think about Facebook’s new iPad app involvement? Is the iPhone 5 event the right time to announce it?