Gearing Up For iPhone 5: Three’s New Unlimited Data Deal

Its official… Apple has sent out their invites for the huge iPhone 5 event next week, now the whole mobile industry must prepare. T3 reports that the massive smartphone will be unveiled to the world at the show on the 4th October. Expect the iPhone 5 to become available for pre-order immediately and launch within 2 weeks of the event, but who is going to offer the most lucrative deal?

UK network provider Three has stepped forwards and announced some tasty sounding offers for when the iPhone 5 launches. The mobile firm are well known for their “all you can eat” plans which offer unlimited 3G data usage. They have stuck to tradition with the iPhone 5 despite fears that data would reach such a high level it would not be viable to offer such a deal. New and existing Three customers will be delighted to hear that for just an extra £3 a month they can get all you can eat on their pay monthly tariff.

This great new offer will become available from October 7th onwards, according to IT Pro Portal. Coming just 3 days after the iPhone 5 event, are Three dropping us a subtle hint as to its launch date? The company discovered that iPhone 4 users were consuming 488MB of data a month back in February 2011. Today this figure has doubled to around 1.2GB, hence why all you can eat data is so advantageous. There is no usage counting, you can browse and download as much as you like for a set price.

Three’s marketing director, Thomas Malleschitz, has claimed that their customers do more with their handsets as they go further into their contracts. As a result of this the unlimited data deal will give them “peace of mind” and they can continue with their long term smartphone commitment. With the endless activities the iPhone 5 will bring, all you can eat sounds like a very convenient option. Let us know if you will take advantage of it by leaving a comment.

  • Anonymous

    I live in the u.s. But wanted to give a thumbs up to 3 for unlimited data, I was grandfathered into a unlimited plan and will stay put with my plan and carrier because of it.

  • Philcolli1

    i’ve been on 3 for years now and this just reassures my faith in them as the best network in the uk. all i need them to do now is some sort of early upgrade deal so i can get the iphone 5 without having to rob a bank.