First Public View: “Lets Talk About” iPhone 5

Judging by news that has just recently come through, we can quite categorically say that Apple’s iPhone 5 event will indeed take place on October 4th staged at Apple’s Cupertino Campus. In the last few days, the rumor mill gave way to a barrage of news, suggesting that the iPhone 5 would be announced on the date given above, with the event being led by new CEO Tim Cook.

This will be the first time that Cook would have led an Apple event and one of this calibre, many have questioned why Apple have decided to host the event at their own Cali campus, was it because the Yuena Buena Center in San Francisco was already booked or perhaps Cook needed to be eased into his position as new CEO. Some people within the tech world are suggesting that Steve Jobs will make an appearance at some point during the event, despite Cook taking over his role on August 25th.

What interested us tonight is further news, courtesy of, that the event will be called Let’s Talk iPhone” with reports that media invitations are starting to make the rounds. With the iPhone 5 hopefully being announced on that day, American site AllThingsD have speculated that the handset will go on sale “within weeks” of its official announcement. As to its price, we are no further in finding out, but a cheaper iPhone 4S is expected to also show itself on the same day as the five. A few hours ago, we also gave you news that Facebook’s new iPad app was due to be announced at the event.

From past articles we’ve written about including a handful in the last few days, the specs sheet is some what mixed, with suggestion that a larger display will be part of the new design along with the handset being slightly thinner. Also a A5 dual-core processor is rumored, along with an NFC chip, 8 megapixel rear camera, 1080p video capture, voice recognition and iOS 5 OS.

In terms of who will carry the iPhone 5, its difficult to say, but no doubt Verizon will be up at the top with AT&T and Sprint, although T-Mobile USA are rumored to be running with the fifth gen sometime in 2012.

One interesting piece of news to add to others is from, which indicates that Three from the 7th of October, will be offering existing and new customers on pay monthly tariffs, the chance to get unlimited data for an extra £3 per month. Three’s announcement obviously coincides with news of the October 4th event scheduled for next week.

Tell us are you anxiously waiting on the new iPhone 5? Are we all assuming too much, that the iPhone 5 will be announced?