Expectations: Amazon Lights Kindle’s Fire September 28th

As we enter a new chapter in tablet devices, Amazon, designers of the Kindle are on the brink of revealing their latest e-reader to compete against the other tablet big wigs. Originally rumored to break cover sometime in November, the Kindle Fire is now expected tomorrow. This early release has not dampened the talks regarding the slates details.

According to Slash Gear sources claim that the Android-based tablet bares a striking resemblance to RIM’s PlayBook. This is helped by a shared partnership with Quanta who were the ODM responsible for both companies. Rumors go as far to say that the Fire utilizes the BlackBerry tablet as a template. By using Quanta instead of their own in-house design team, Amazon were able to shortcut the design process allowing them to concentrate on the units internal content.

Strangely enough reports suggested that RIM made Quanta aware that they wanted their Taiwanese production facility to take charge over the China based firm, to ensure that there were no copycat Chinese white-box companies manufacturing the PlayBook design.

For those that were fans of the first Kindle device, a new model will be a welcome addition no matter what the specs are. However even using a competitors tablet as a starting point, Amazon still struggled with processor selection, finally settling for a TI dual-core chip. This is slower than the item found in the BlackBerry PlayBook which will put the Fire on the back foot even after some other improvements. According to gdgt, Amazon are pushing the Kindle Fire out as a “stopgap” in order to set the market up for 2011 before an improved 2nd generation tablet enters the arena in 2012.

To help the Kindle along there has been leaked information regarding a trio of magazine publishers that could be willing to distribute digital magazines on the Fire. Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith would bring big titles like Wired and Vanity Fair on to the Kindle giving the customers a quality content for their e-reader. Other names including Time Inc. have shown an interest but would be looking more towards the end of the year. In order to win favor with these companies Amazon is said to be offering a 70/30 revenue split taking the lesser percentage a move that will better Apple. Publishers will offer their digital magazines in a 7-inch display format with the option of catering for a 10-inch device that Amazon have been rumored to release in 2012.

We only have to wait a few more hours to see how the new Kindle Fire will turn out, but it will certainly add another string to Amazon’s bow and possibly a good starting point for a 2012 tablet device. Tell us how you think the Kindle Fire will do in very competitive tablet market?