iPhone 5 Arrival: HD 1080p Possibilities?

With just less than two weeks to go until the illustrious iPhone 5 smartphone from Apple is rumored to arrive, we start to wonder what its specifications will be along with design. A mixed bag of comments have been making their way to the internet, some of which have said that there will be no real significant differences, apart from a larger display and thinner in appearance.

Some of the rumoured specs have had more attention than others, for example the talk about its new processor and the possible ability to be NFC compatible. However as ITProPortal mention, although the increase in camera has been touched upon, there has never really been a lot questions about how the new 5th gen device will cope with its recording feature. Some have suggested that 1080p HD quality video capturing will be included within the new model.

This wouldn’t be a massive problem for Apple to install, although the need for a bigger capacity memory for storage could see the addition of a micro SD card slot. Apple’s technical department would have to figure out how to insert such an upgrade especially considering that the 5 is labelled to be thinner than its older brother. We are sure that the Cali company would be able to work it out, and being able to have a 16 GB version with the option to upgrade to 32 GB could be the icing on the cake for the new iPhone.

While there are 1080p recording smartphones available like the LG Optimus 2X, this hasn’t been regarded as a proper full HD handset. The benefits for Apple taking longer to release their new device mean that the other manufacturers could have shown their hands before the game is over, leaving the Steve Jobs firm to trump them all with a single blow. We can only agree with Market Press Release who state that footage quality when played through a compatible large screen TV will be superb.

In addition to the supposed iPhone 5 unveiling on October 4th, there is rumour that the iPhone 4S will come to the party with a release on 21st October. Up until now, the iPhone handset for some people has been too expensive but its hoped with the 4S being a cheaper alternative to the fifth generation, it had be picked up by a wider audience.

Give us your thoughts on the iPhone 5 with the add on of 1080p HD video capturing? Is it something that Apple should have considered to stand out from the crowd?