Will Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Crash AT&T’s Galaxy S II Launch?

All of the headlines have been about Apple’s event on October 4th, but another big one is occurring 2 days before. October 2nd will see the Samsung Galaxy S II finally launched in America with AT&T carrying it, Beta News reports. Sprint launched their version of it, the Samsung Epic 4G, last week. Many said that Samsung purposely delayed the launch of their flagship smartphone to steal the thunder of the iPhone 5, but could this plan have backfired?

Verizon has decided to boycott the handset and focus their attentions on the Samsung Droid Prime, leaving AT&T as the main carrier of the Galaxy S II. The smartphone has proved very popular over the world and has been massively hyped up for its US launch, but things have started to go quiet. Is this because of the imminent release of the iPhone 5? Samsung’s strategy of going head to head with Apple in the US may not have been the smartest of moves, but lets see.

It would not be surprising to see huge amounts of people ignore the Galaxy S II launch with eyes glued to events over at Apple. Despite a 2 day difference between events, any potential Galaxy buyers have probably just heard about the iPhone 5 event and had a rethink about what they want to do. Waiting is a huge frustration for fans and some rush out and buy a rival smartphone that is available right now, rather than wait for the one they really want. According to Computer World, AT&T will offer the Galaxy for $200 on a 2 year $15 a month contract, PAYG price is $549.99.

In the specs department it is hard to criticize the Android smartphone. It carries a beautiful large Super AMOLED PLUS display, plus many other fresh features like a dual core processor and 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture. The iPhone 5’s rumored specs contain many similar to the Galaxy S II, but the fact that it is an “iPhone” will just add that extra appeal. A case leak shows the iPhone will have a new design and bigger screen, possibly to mirror its rival. Al Gore recently spoke at a conference and hinted there could be more than just an iPhone 5 launched at the event.

Reports everywhere say that Samsung will sue Apple as soon as the iPhone 5 launches, attempting to get a shipping ban in Korea. If you do not fancy either of these devices now then why not wait until early 2012 for the Samsung Galaxy S III? Amazing specs on the upcoming smartphone appear to have been leaked early and this future handset sounds a real beast! So will AT&T have their Samsung Galaxy S II launch party disrupted by Apple’s high profile event soon after? Let us know by leaving a comment and tell us which smartphone you will get.

  • Abe

    I really had my mind made up to get the GS2 from AT&T but with AT&T being so damned stupid about getting it to market has really irritated me so I’ll probably wait not for the GS3 to come out after the first of the year and get it from someone OTHER than AT&T. What a bunch of idiots…

    • http://twitter.com/swamie07 Bill

      Agree about the irritation with AT&T and the delays, and also the irritation of the smaller display and battery, but probably will go with Galaxy S2, but not till I at least see what the iPhone 5 has to offer.. Will definitely not wait for the Galaxy S3 because “early next year release date” promise is worth nothing.