Sony PS Vita: Compatible Gaming with PSP and PS3

If any of you are like us then you are sitting waiting for the new Sony PS Vita to be released and are looking forward to everything that it brings. Already we have an idea of what it will be priced at from Sony’s event at E3 several months ago but now there’s new details that say the PS Vita isn’t only compatible with PS3 gaming but it’s also backwards compatible with the original Sony PSP.

This is great news for you if you are planning on getting the Vita and some of your friends will be lagging behind because you won’t have to exclude them from your gaming sessions! We have heard some bad news as well though, we have heard that the device won’t be gracing us with its presence at Christmas as planned and will in fact be with us at some point during 2012.

Just think of the possibilities with the PS Vita, one minute you could be playing Wipeout with your friends who are on their PS3s and the next you could be shooting your pals on Grand Theft Auto ad-hoc on PSPs. We really like the look of the new handheld console from Sony and with the sluggish sales and sheer lack of popularity for the Nintendo 3DS, we see this device being a top seller.

We heard the news that it was also backwards compatible through an article over on VG247 who sourced an update on the Japanese Sony PS Vita website which you can see by clicking here. Unfortunately not all titles will be cross compatible but we see the majority of them being so. You are probably already aware that the PS Vita has its own media source that looks a lot like an SD card, which means you won’t be able to stuff a UMD into it; instead you download the game from the PSN onto your handheld and run it from there… The question we have though is if you already have a hard copy of the game from your previous PSP, will Sony make you pay for it again?

Let us know your thoughts and feelings on this news about the PS Vita and also if you think you should have to pay for the titles again to download them if you already have the UMD in the comments section below.