New Nikon 1 Micro Camera Family: Specs, Prices & Release

Are you in the market for a new camera and are confused which way to turn? Whether you’re a professional or amateur, Nikon have introduced a new range of family by the name of Nikon J1 and Nikon V1 with interchangeable lenses. Before we give you a basic synopsis of what each one consists of, there are of course other makes to consider. Dependant on your budget, the size of camera needed and of course what its going to be used for, are just some of the factors that are considered when making your purchase. Canon, Sony, Ricoh, Panasonic are just of the other brands to keep an eye out for.

Getting back to the job in hand, the J1 and V1. First up out of the two devices, the J1 will be the cheaper alternative if price is really the deciding factor. Starting as Ubergizmo reported at $649.95, the J1 micro camera will come with a 10.1 megapixel 13.2×8.88mm CMOS sensor with mount, HDMI/USB along with 3-inch LCD display.

As well as this, the new Nikon addition will benefit from the ability to shoot movies at 1200fps which also allows you, the user to take slow motion recording. 1080p movies and images can also be shot, with the peace of mind that the company have enabled this with its autofocus and low light abilities. Also thrown into the price as Slashgear reported will be that of a 10-30mm lens kit.

Moving onto the second of the Nikon range, that of the V1. For a higher suggested retail price of $899.95, the V1 comes with a variation of differences. First up that of a flash shoe also for GPS, with a high resolution 1.4m dot electronic viewfinder with inclusion of eye sensor. Straight away the V1 feels far heavier and chunkier than its younger brother the J1. The high ended model will benefit from a multi-accessory port for accessory attachment and so on.

Both Nikon micro cameras will go on sale in America on October 20th for their respective prices. To find out more on the two in question click here.

Tell us if either one of the cameras is up your street? Do you feel the price is a little on the high side, considering you get a DSLR device for the same if not less money?