iPhone 5 October 4th Revelation: Steve Jobs Present?

For months now, we have been plagued with news that Apple would in fact be launching a brand new fifth generation smartphone, taking over from the year old iPhone 4. Despite initial teething problems with reception loss, the iPhone 4 went on to relish in global domination, but this year the story has been somewhat different. Although the handset still remains popular, many have now been asking for a revamp to it, to keep up with strong competition from others such as Motorola and Samsung whose phones come with Android’s OS.

Matt yesterday here at OSM, brought you news that Apple were rumored to be unveiling the iPhone 5 in two weeks time and that CEO Tim Cook would be opening the event. After months of rumor, we wonder whether this is yet another piece of news to add to many of the other articles. Today the rumor has carried through with multiple sources including Slashgear saying that the Apple media event will take place on Tuesday 4th October.

After what will be a massive event, the new Apple addition is said to be released within weeks of the launch, this may then tie in with other news of October 21st being the time that retailers receive the handset.

As to what will be announced on October 4th still remains a mystery, with many of us wondering whether the other iPhone 4S, an alternative to the iPhone 5 will indeed surface. Many have said that this Apple example will be a more affordable option to consumers, therefore appealing to a much wider spectrum of people. Although slightly cheaper in terms of price, it may only come with half the specifications, so that’s something we will have to wait for.

It still begs the question of whether we will see Apple’s main man Steve Jobs at the important event. With so many waiting to see the phone in the flesh and hear of what its got to offer, we wonder whether Jobs will want to miss such an event despite him being away on medical leave.

Specs wise, the iPhone 5 is rumored to be thinner in appearance and include a larger display, with a possible A5 processor, 8 megapixel camera and NFC.

Tell us whether you are getting excited to see the new iPhone 5? What are you hoping to hear from Apple’s event?