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Samsung Galaxy S II No Show: Livid AT&T Customers

September 20, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

One of the hottest devices to step off of Samsung’s production line this year, will no doubt be that of the Galaxy S II. Racking up a huge amount of interest already and showing no signs of actually slowing down, the Galaxy S II is definitely not one to be snubbed at. But is this the case in the US? Up until last Friday, America had been patiently waiting for the Samsung to arrive, then at last a sparkle of hope, carrier Sprint announced that their version the “Epic 4G Touch” was indeed ready to launch.

It was hoped and rumor had it, that AT&T’s variant the “Attain” wouldn’t be far behind with a possible release date of 18th September, that was two days after the Epic. So far customers have been left disappointed with a no show and to this, some have even made their feelings of disappointment and frustration very clear.

Over on, consumer feeling is very apparent with a massive response to the AT&T let down. One reader as you can see, said he went into an AT&T store as it was shutting to be told by the sales representative that he didn’t have a clue about the Attain and offered him a different handset to look at.

Another which surprised us, is that a customer in conversation to an AT&T rep asked when the Galaxy S2 would drop, he was asked “do you mean the Tab,” slightly worrying. One customer has actually taken the decision to opt for Sprint’s Epic version saying that “he’s tired of waiting” and opted for a family plan which is far better than anything AT&T were offering.

The three versions are handsets that we’ve spoken about on numerous occasions here at OSM. Out of the three offered by Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile, AT&T’s Attain will be much like the global Galaxy S II, giving a 4.3-inch display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel camera and 2 to the front, but will lack the home button and will be slightly thinner than the other two variants.

We of course have to ask the question, were or are you still waiting for AT&T’s Galaxy S II Attain or have you given up hope and opted for Sprint or something else?

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  • Inruin

    I am waiting for the at&t model. However, if it doesn’t drop in the next couple of days, I am going to Sprint and picking up their model.

  • Inruin

    I am waiting for the at&t model. However, if it doesn’t drop in the next couple of days, I am going to Sprint and picking up their model.

  • Jay Valente

    AT&T customer service has always been one of the worst in the industry, and this includes their sales (pre and post). I think they are so large, they honestly don’t care, and it really shows in their phone support, and product release dates. Anyone that’s been an AT&T customer for any period of time was likely expecting this, I know I was. T-Mobile used to be a solid company, but now that AT&T owns it, I can only assume it will go to the dogs too. If it were not for my company holding an AT&T contract, I’d have already picked up the Sprint version.

  • Leaver Fast

    Somebody should give some explanations on not only the 6-month delay since the global launch but also the current holdup. I really hope this holdup was not influenced by Apple.

  • Bill

    I would love to go to Sprint except for one thing. No Sprint Coverage at my house! I would also like to have the bigger 4.5 inch display.

  • trailhead2

    I’ve been with AT&T since 2004 and their service stinks and thier phone selection sucks. If I didn’t have an unlimited grandfathered plan I would leave. They are bed mates with Apple and because of that their customers suffer.

  • Anonymous

    If I get good 4g speeds I’m leaving AT&T and getting the Sprint version

  • Dmuny

    About a month ago in mid August I started asking reps at all the stores…Major Malls in Sacramento, Folsom , several in San Diego, 7 different locations up till September 18th in all about the new Samsung Galaxy IIs and would pull out my Galaxy and wave it “The new version of this?” NOT 1, NO, NOT ONE had an answer (one guy at a keiosk at least said “hey lets google it” and tried!) …most blinked at me like I was from Mars (happened again today) BUT on the 17th at a huge store in San Diego a manager overheard me talking to another rep who blinked with a blank stare AGAIN at me and stopped me as I was leaving saying… “they dont tell us much, but someone at corporate said The Attain is slatted for a 4th quarter release…we are hoping it comes in around mid to late October, but should see it before we get too far into the Christmas shopping season”….ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Well I can only tell you what I have heard outside the internet.

  • Dave

    Bad move on AT&T’s part. When the phone arrived on time to Sprint and not AT&T, I went into a Sprint store to see it. Then I realized how much better their phone plans are! I’m probably not the only person who’s making trips into Sprint stores to check out the phone, and that’s not a place AT&T would want their customers hanging out. Overall, I think they probably are doing the hold up because of Apple, and if that’s true, it shows they care more about Apple than their customers… which is sad.

  • Richard

    It’s not like ATT failed to deliver on a promise, if you are upset it’s because of your own expectations and not ATT’s information. The coverage has been improving where I live and I’ve waited this long…what’s a few more weeks?