Best Deals On Gears Of War 3: Get It For £1.99!

Today marks a monumental day in the gaming world, the launch of Gears Of War 3 on Xbox 360! The fan’s favorite 3rd person shooter launched at midnight in time zones all over the world and no doubt many have been skiving off work to play. The game is retailing in most stores between £30-£40 but given the hard times many of us are going through we will root out some the best deals to try and save you some dosh.

The epic final chapter of the massively popular gaming trilogy is on sale in virtually every media selling store in the UK. So where should you shop to come away with the most amount of change? Well as you would have seen by the title, one retailer is offering the game just £1.99! It is HMV who are offering this smashing deal but sadly it is too good to be true and the catch is that you must trade in Dead Island to get Gears for cheap.

The zombie action game sells for £37.90 and has been at the top of the games chart for 2 weeks now, Metro reports. This could be real value for money if you have already completed Dead Island and want to massacre more creatures, Gears Of War selling normally in HMV for £37.99. According to Tech Digest, Morrisons are doing Gears 3 for £25 with 2100 Microsoft Points Card at £18.99, another attractive looking deal.

The cheapest outright price from retailers we have spotted so far is Best Buy who are offering the game for £32.99. Amazon, Tesco and Asda are all selling the game for just below the £38 mark, with Blockbuster shifting the game for £34.99 if you pre-ordered. If you did not reserve your copy with Blockbuster then the normal price is £39.99, the same as Game, Play and Gamestation.

It looks like the wisest option would be to go with Best Buy in terms of value for money, but you will have to wait for it to ship. If you are not bothered about saving a few quid and want Gears now then the best option is the local supermarkets where you can pick up a copy for a few pence under £38. Click here to see the first 10 minutes of gameplay with commentary. Keep up to date with Gears of War 3 by liking their Facebook fan page or by following them on Twitter. Let us know your thoughts on the game by leaving a comment below.

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