New CoD Black Ops Zombies Trailer Launched To Promote DLC 4

The final chapter of Black Ops Zombies is very close for PS3 and PC players and Activision has decided to remind everyone by launching a new trailer. Xbox 360 users have had exclusivity on DLC 4 for almost a month now, releasing a “Zombie Labs” trailer with the map pack. The last batch of maps Treyarch are offering feature the “Moon” map and the 4 World At War maps that have been remastered.

Activision has focused on viral campaigns much more this time around, creating a variety of zombie related videos for fans. The one we have embedded for you below follows on from the last on which sees humans conducting controlled tests on zombies. The idea behind the video is for the scientists to learn their behavior and find more inventive ways of killing them, you will see this in the video. Of course the trailer then goes on to promote “Moon” and the other 4 maps.

DLC 4 is available to download on Thursday on PS3 and PC, costing £11.49. Whats great is that you get the download completely free if you are an owner of the hardened or prestige editions of the game. Sadly we announced yesterday that there will be no prestige version of MW3. The 5 zombie maps should most definitely keep gamers busy until it releases on November 8th though.

The question we asked yesterday was: “Are you satisfied with what you had seen from the MW3 multiplayer so far?” New Battlefield 3 footage has hit YouTube and many gamers are thinking it will be superior to Call Of Duty, what do you think? The Black Ops map pack launch will also prove a welcomed distraction for those who do not have an Xbox 360 as Gears Of War 3 came out today and millions are already playing it. Will you be downloading the final DLC as well as buying and playing some of these great games coming out?