New Battlefield 3 Gameplay Footage: Better Than CoD MW3?

We are entering into some exciting times with the release of various devices coming up but also, something that these pieces of equipment maybe cannot compete with is the anticipation for two of the biggest games of the year, Battlefield 3 and CoD MW3. Now there’s been some new Battlefield 3 gameplay footage released and we want to know from you hardcore gamers, do you think it’s going to be better than CoD MW3?

We have already been trying to find out from all of you what you are looking forward to the most out of the iPhone 5 and MW3 but we haven’t talked about its biggest competitor game from DICE, Battlefield 3. As normal, CoD seems to have been spoken about a bit more and it has all sorts of accessories and consoles being made with it’s branding, but does that make MW3 more popular or ‘better?’

You also might recall an article that we added previously where we talked about the MW3 trailer that had been broken down by WhiteBoy in a great YouTube video. He explained a lot of the features that we might not have all noticed but he points them out extremely well. Now we have another video to show you and we learned of it through Eurogamer where they have posted the clip that is titled “Operation Guillotine” and is gameplay from the Xbox 360, click this link to watch the video or alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the play button.

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Now we want your honest opinions, which game will be the better of the two? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • aaron daily

    pff… why compare bf3 to mw3. its obvious one is dominant over the other.

  • Bobusman28

    mw3 wins……

  • Tyler Von Kramer

    MW3. (Should be called MW2.5) Is the same crap they have been making for the last few years. BF3 by far is gonna dominate!

  • Beto Vega

    Battlefield 3 is going to win prizes. COD is going to male more money. Like a scientist earns prizes and a whore makes money.

  • Pavel m

    Battlefield 3 is a inovation in gaming. Mw3 is just another shooter game. Not even another shooter. The same old boring thing since cod 1 withe the same engine from cod 2 same fame since cod4 and same problems since mw2.

  • Niki


  • Niki

    Bf3 ftw

  • Chris

    play em both there u go…go stop the comparisons there different styles of games, don’t see Hollywood doing this with movies

  • Guest

    yeah, Mw3. Call it Mw2.5 if you want, but Mw2 was one hell of a good looking game. BF3 is amazing aswell. But Mw3 will still be the dominate game, even DICE agrees. I mean, who doesn’t wanna be a Juggernaut in MP?

  • Evan

    battlefield 3 is fresh. its new. MW3 is the same old door-to-door shooter with the same game engine for about 5 years now. the game engine dice has been working on for 6 years now, is better that the same one COD has used since cod 2. plain and simple. BF3

  • Hagberg528

    BF3, no question. Dice has built a NEW game, a NEW engine, a MUCH more intense and visually appealing game. The COD campaign is based around the EXACT same idea as the last 2, (one man, one ultimate enemy that you will inevitably have to go kill in a long drawn-out, and finally slow motion way) COD is the same old thing with some tweaks and slightly bigger environments (which are not destructible, unlike BF3). What COD does is create a ridiculous, unrealistic, repetitive, and lack luster experience with a few big explosions, BF3 is new, very realistic, and truly a modern game with modern vehicles, modern styled gameplay and modern styled teamwork. BF3 Will without a doubt raise the bar far beyond to reaches of MW3.

  • Tweeny

    BF3 seems to have made a huge jump into a new era whereas MW3 looks pretty much like the old ones.

  • FourTwoNine


  • guest

    I bet 95% of you MFs have ever even played a Battlefield game! You somebitches like it for it’s pretty graphics. It doesn’t play like COD so I bet that within a few weeks of playing you’ll all get frustrated and go back to MW3!!

  • Chris

    my problem is that even if BF3 is amazing is SP it wont be great in MP because DICE blows and hit detection i mean look at MOH…there isnt much more to say than that

  • Jkblackburn4183

    then be the juggernaut’s prey;0 lol…all these people that complain about MW3…I bet at least half of them will buy it…lmao

  • Aron

    Let me know when your Xbox 360 version does not look like this… Thank you.

  • Aron

    Btw… making a new game engine doesn’t make them obsolete or better. If Infinity Ward can make another game with the same engine and get away with it and nobody cares in the fan community, then more power to them. See, the reason you change and engine up is to make your game better because the past ones were failing to the other games in that genre or you change it to make it look better or go next-gen and Battlefield is a bit of both. Also… I recall Bad Company 1 and 2 having the same engines, they just half-assed revamped and called Bad Company 2′s engine “1.5″ with no real difference. I’d like to say, find a pic of Bad Co. 2 gun model of the UMP .45 then one of the MW2 one, and that’s it there. CoD has online replayability and the campaigns are interesting and fun. With that said Battlefield is a rentable game for campaign, the online is kind of slacking, with bad registering and too many shots to kill one person. I don’t like the aspect of unlimited ammo with that one class, or unlimited health. It’s kind of ridiculous. Battlefield will not take over CoD until a revamp of how their online system works. So this year I’m sticking with Call of Duty again. (Readers note, I probably will never be back on this website so whatever you say won’t get you anywhere and also this is my pure opinion so it wouldn’t matter if you said anything. Thank you.)

  • Stealthiscool

    i have i started with battlefield

  • Stealthiscool

    beleive me it doesn’t its bfbc2 with better graphics just proves that ur a noob and can’t look past the graphics ( i played the alpha tbh its worse than bfbc 2 but i like bfbc2)

  • Stealthiscool

    beleive me it doesn’t its bfbc2 with better graphics just proves that ur a noob and can’t look past the graphics ( i played the alpha tbh its worse than bfbc 2 but i like bfbc2)

  • Stealthiscool

    they haven’t built a new game they just built a new engine and that’s it no mods no nothing it gonna be worse than bf2 cause it has no modes

  • Stealthiscool

    another noob who only looks at graphics and automatically thinks its good look at cs source. its old but is still like the best game of all time

  • Stealthiscool

    another noob who only looks at graphics and automatically thinks its good look at cs source. its old but is still like the best game of all time

  • Stealthiscool

    Fanboy go outside and get a gf

  • Stealthiscool

    it has way more re playability

  • Stealthiscool

    bet??? i know!!! ( at least 75% will by then by the time the next one comes out it always happens when it gets cheaper )

  • dave chappele

    im not going to be getting mw3 this year. ill just wait till the same time next year and maybe get mw4 or whatever treyarch comes out with. blackops 2? trolololol

  • dave chappele

    by the time battlefield 4 comes out we should be on mw 15 right? with the same perks same engine same everything

  • Stupid Fanboys.

    All you stupid BF3 fanboys. You say MW3 is old? That IW only made tweaks and additions? Well duh. How can you improve something that’s already great? IW has the formula down pat. There isn’t a need to make much change. Another point to make is that CoD comes out at a yearly basis. That’s why the changes seem insignificant. Battlefield comes out whenever the developer decides to bring it out so the changes seem more immense. BF series goes like this BF1943 BF BF2 BF bad company series and then BF3. These games were released over time. The change will look more apparent. If I did the same with CoD, CoD 1, CoD 2, CoD4, CoD MW3. The changes will be even more apparent. New graphics. New addons such as killstreaks. New Venue. and so on so forth. Why don’t you guys stop d riding BF3?

  • Why CoD?

    Lol jokes? It takes 100+ hours to fully complete a kit in bf3, and there are 4 kits in total. Then there are all the ranks and service medals and the like which can take over a year of cold hard gameplay to complete. If that isn’t replay value I don’t know what is. The only replay value in cod is camos, attachments and prestige (no one cares about challenges).

  • Ya wrong (sooo wrong)

    I like it how you say new graphics. Have you SEEN mw3 gameplay? There IS NO improvement in graphics from mw2, none. To me, new weapons/maps/killstreaks aren’t enough for me to actually want the game. I was addicted to mw2 and I played that game dry (got to 10th prestige), so I don’t want to feel like I’m just buying another map pack that costs as much as a completely revamped, entertaining and frankly better game in the form of battlefield 3.

  • Why cod?

    I meant graphics between cod 4 and mw3, not mw2.

  • jp

    I completely agree with you. People are forgetting MOH how good it looked but how bad it played on multi.