Infinity Ward Boycott CoD MW3 Prestige Edition- No Collectors Gadget

We are less than 2 months away from the titanic launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but we have some bad news for fans today. Infinity Ward has decided not to offer a prestige edition of the game this year, The Sixth Axis reports. The past 2 installations of the hit game have seen limited edition collectors items come packaged with the title, but not this time around it seems.

Modern Warfare 2 introduced the special steelbook case and limited edition night-vision goggles. Black Ops followed with the limited edition alternate artwork box and a remote control RC-XD car which comes with a spy camera. Many fans had high expectations for this year’s prestige edition of the game but it looks like disappointment will be looming for all. Has Infinity Ward run out of gift ideas or has the special game bundle been boycotted for other reasons? Fans may be satisfied with the hardened version of the game, a limited edition MW3 themed Xbox 360 also coming out as well to possibly make up for the missing prestige package.

T3 reports that their creative strategist Robert Bowling (FourZeroTwo) confirmed the bad news on Twitter: “There is no Prestige Edition, only a Hardened Edition for #MW3″. This surely ends the hopes many had for another awesome collectors toy like we have seen previously. Some will take hope from fake images like the one we can see above, I honestly don’t think a MW3 branded replica gun would be the limited edition gift, given previous ones. The artwork on the steelbook case is accurate however. We recently asked which you were looking forward to the most, Modern Warfare 3 or the iPhone 5?

We have seen in various viral videos the things we can expect from the multiplayer aspects of the game. In the video we have embedded below, you can see the “recon drone” which is a small controllable UAV helicopter. We are surprised that Infinity Ward did not show some ambition and offer that as this year’s prestige edition collectors item. Would you have been satisfied with that, if not what would you have liked? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

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