CoD Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Details So Far: Satisfied?

Call of Duty is arguably the biggest gaming franchise in the world and millions of people are counting down the days until November 8th. In the last few weeks more and more multiplayer details have been unraveled, a majority of them at the Call of Duty XP event. The question we have for you today is this, are you satisfied by what you have seen so far?

The online multiplayer aspect of the game is without a doubt the most popular and it’s quality determines sales. If you have been following developments through various sources like Call of Duty’s Twitter account or the MW3 Facebook fan page then you will know that a Co-Op game called Survival Mode has been included. The game can be played with friends and is slightly similar to zombies in that you have to survive progressively harder waves fighting off enemy soldiers, with the option to buy better weapons and support as you get further. Survival Mode will likely play second fiddle to the main multiplayer though.

Moving on to the multiplayer we all know and love, it is similar to that of Modern Warfare 2. More experienced players believed that MW2 helped “noobs” more with the addition of “Deathstreaks” and some of the perks in the game such as “Commando” and “One Man Army”. Infinity Ward with the help of Sledgehammer Games and Raven Studios has attempted to make Modern Warfare 3 the most balanced Call of Duty game ever. Many of the despised features in MW2 have been removed and new ones added. For example you have to choose between 3 different “Strike Packages” which offer different rewards.

There is “Assault” “Support” and “Specialist”, as the names suggest they are based around attack and defense/assist. Specialist brings a new dimension to the game by giving additional perks rather than killstreak rewards when you reach a certain number of kills. Rewards are now earned through point streaks and not kill streaks, not much changes as you mainly earn points through kills but also challenges. The greatest feature in my opinion added is the fact that you can earn your last reward and the counter then resets without you having to die.

On the assault package the highest obtainable reward is an “Osprey Gunner” with 17 points required. On support its an “Escort Airdrop”, “Juggernaut Recon” or “EMP” all needing 18 points to earn. For specialist, 8 points will give you all perks until you are killed, meaning you lose all of those earned and go back to the 3 original ones you began with. There is a healthy balance of returning rewards from MW2 and newly introduced ones from MW3, the most significant being the removal of the game ending “Tactical Nuke”. Is this something you would liked to have seen return or changed into a different form? A full list of point streak rewards, perks and weapons are available from Call of Duty Wiki.

You may also be aware that a new game type is being introduced to MW3 called “Kill Confirmed”. It is similar to team deathmatch and involves collecting dog-tags from players you kill, the team with the most points winning. You can help your team by picking up tags from your dead team mates for example. It is not clear if kills from rewards will add to your Point Streak. You may be pleased to know that there will be no COD points, with unlocks being done the classic way via XP. You can however upgrade your weapons via proficiencies, the video embedded below will show many of the things we have spoken about.

Earlier today we brought you the bad news that no prestige edition would be offered this year, will this have an impact on you buying the game? We also took a look at some new Battlefield 3 gameplay which could rival MW3. We have covered many of the good things you can expect from Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer, are they what you hoped for? Let us know what you would like to see included, removed and altered by leaving a comment. More importantly, are you satisfied?

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