Apple Official: iPhone 5 Unveil Event In 2 Weeks

The summer’s endless saga regarding the unveil and launch of the iPhone 5 is 14 days away from being over. Multiple sources are reporting that Apple will be holding an event in 2 weeks time, courtesy of one of their talkative employees. If these strong reports are true then it will see Apple’s 5th gen smartphone uncovered on October 3rd, with the official launch a week or 2 later, fitting the predicted time frames perfectly.

Apple do not typically hold their press events on Mondays, so the unveil could well be pushed to the 4th or 5th October. In terms of who will head the keynote, it is expected that new CEO Tim Cook will run proceedings in his first major event since taking up the role. Do not rule out of the possibility of a cameo from Steve Jobs, he came back from medical leave to unveil the iPad 2 and could bow out by giving us the iPhone 5. Jobs has always had a reputation for wowing crowds and will want to play a part in what is a huge deal for Apple, as well as proving his health.

According to Beatweek Magazine, the event will do more than simply pull the curtain off the iPhone 5. It will also reportedly clear up the iPhone 4S issue which has been ongoing for some time, as well as revealing which operators will carry the new device. Apple should tell us whether Sprint will go toe to toe with Verizon and AT&T in offering the handset. You may be aware that Apple’s traditional launch of its next generation iPod was cancelled, this could also be announced at the upcoming event. We can look forward to a new design via the leaked cases above, as well as the choice of either a black or white handset.

Invites to Apple’s huge media event are set to go out next week, the purpose of the show will not be revealed but we all know what it is. It has been an extra 4 month wait, but it seems we will all finally be able to enjoy the device and an end to the speculation, until the iPhone 6 gossip begins immediately after that is. International Business Times believes that Apple has held the release back so long to counter the advances of Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S II and Droid Bionic in the US, will this strategy pay off? Let us know your reaction to upcoming Apple event and iPhone 5 unveil by leaving a comment.

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    FINALLY! Time for me to finally buy a smartphone!


    I want a ipod touch!!!!! will it come out before or after???????