iPhone 5 Will Lag Behind: In Demand iPhone 4S?

News of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 5 just keeps on rolling in and if recent news is anything to go by, then the new handset could be launched in October or is it? Release months let alone specific dates have been a job to pinpoint with massive disappointment following on from Apple’s WWDC event back in June. It was hoped that the phone would launch and when it didn’t, early September was then a suggested time.

Carrier Sprint have already said that the Apple’s next gen is in fact on the way with the option of consumers being able to pre-order the device and that they are considering the option of unlimited data plans, something of which is hoped to entice customers away from AT&T and Verizon.

According to Slashgear via 9to5 Mac today, the iPhone 5 is looking to face yet more delay, although the cheaper entry-level iPhone 4S as its been named may be released beforehand. It seems that if rumor has any substance to it, there have been problems with production and/or short supply leading to the five being set back. We have to say we’ll a little confused by this, just a few days ago, it was reported that parts supplier Foxconn, were producing some 150,000 handsets on a daily basis in order that Apple had “enough to go around.”

With the iPhone 4S ready to come first, Steve Jobs and his company will be launching in the region of over 10 million handsets and have said customer demand will edge towards this version, as oppose to the more expensive iPhone 5, so could the 150,000 handsets in production, actually be that of the 4S instead?

Just today our very own Matt has spoken about the iPhone 5 and its release as still “weeks away.” If we collate all the information we currently have in terms of specs, the fifth gen is looking pretty impressive but can it do enough to outwit that of the Droid Bionic, Galaxy S II and so many more handsets. Many have questioned whether the iPhone 5 will end up looking like its predecessor but with a change in specs. Rumor has it that the new device will sport a larger display and in appearance be lighter and thinner but more robust than that of the new Samsung. An A5 processor is expected along with an 8 megapixel camera and possible Near Field Communication (NFC).

We hope that as the days move on, the news has a complete turnaround and we can report that the iPhone 5 is on its way for October, but please do not hold your breath! You may be waiting until next year at this rate.

Tell us your thoughts on the new Apple smartphone? What are you hoping to see from its refreshed revised version? Are you prepared to wait for it? Would you be happy buying the cheaper iPhone 4S alternative that lacks half of the specs?