Study Shows Apple’s iPhone 5 Demand: Strongest Yet

The iPhone 5 has been one of the largest topics of discussion this year and will continue to be until it is launched. Once this happens, exactly how many people will buy one, how big is the demand for Apple’s latest smartphone? Studies have taken place and the results show that demand for the iPhone 5 is far stronger than it was for the iPhone 4. Could the 5 be the best selling smartphone of all time?

Mashable reports that ChangeWave Research undertook the study, the results showed unprecedented demand. There were 2,200 participants in the survey and the question they were asked as potential smartphone buyers was: “How likely is it that you will purchase an iPhone 5 for yourself or someone else (eg. a family member) in the future?” HTC boss Martin Fichter stirred things up yesterday by claiming the iPhone was not cool anymore because older people owned them. Will the claim that more younger people are buying HTC and Samsung phones have any impact on the results?

It turns out that of 31% of consumers who planned to get a new phone, 13% said that they were very likely to get the iPhone 5, 18% saying it was somewhat likely. This tops the data collected on the iPhone 4 which was 12% for very likely and 13% as somewhat likely. Another interesting stat is that 66% of current iPhone owners have said they plan to upgrade, despite not even seeing what the iPhone 5 looks like or what it does. It is likely an upgraded iPhone 4 if the bar loss reports are true and judging by that popularity, the new handset will be huge. According to Redmond Pie, the iPhone 4 is still the best selling smartphone in the US, will this change when the 5 launches?

Sprint will most certainly be offering the iPhone 5 and 54% of their customers have said that they are significantly or somewhat likely to get it. The big lure to go with Sprint is that they offer the iPhone on an all you can eat data plan; however some concerns have been raised due to the vast amount of data that is consumed. If the plan is not profitable for the provider then it is likely they will not offer it. UK network Vodafone leaked that the iPhone 5 will launch in both black and white. Are you planning on getting an iPhone 5 and how badly do you want one?

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting patiently for the 5 to arrive…

  • Bill

    Don’t know enough about the Iphone 5 yet, specs kept too tight. Why wait another month when I can get the Galaxie S2 in a few days