October 15th Revealed As iPhone 5 Release Date: Orange Official

The European network providers are really treating us with their inability to keep information a secret at the moment. No sooner had Vodafone leaked iPhone 5 details on their website, talkative France Telecom (Orange parent company) boss, Stéphane Richard, has revealed that the handset will release on October 15th. That makes the long awaited launch a Saturday which has raised a few suspicions as Apple traditionally launch iPhones on weekdays.

If any more proof is needed, this surely well and truly confirms that the iPhone 5 will launch in October. According to Tech Radar, the chatty chief was speaking to the French media about when the smartphone would be released. Instead of the usual no comment, reporters must have been shocked at what dropped out of Richard’s mouth. The Telecoms CEO even revealed that the iPhone 5 would be coming on a special tariff, the man is an information goldmine!

Throughout the year we have heard countless rumors regarding Apple’s 5th phone, we are not taking the mobile chief’s word as the god given truth. It does however seem reasonable and fits the time frame, the only anomaly is the weekend release. Richard’s exact words were: “If we believe what we have been told, the iPhone 5 will be released on 15 October.” The remaining question is who told him this and why? If it was Apple then the release is a certainty.

Demand for the iPhone 5 is as high as it has ever been, many consumers are still patiently waiting despite the frustrating delay. Capital Vue reports that China will also get the handset in October, Best Buy’s dubious internal memo revealed that Sprint would also offer the iPhone 5 next month. Hopefully Apple will break out of their chains and hold that elusive press conference we are all waiting for! Is there any doubt in your mind that the iPhone 5 will launch in October? If these reports are true we only have 31 days to go!