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iPhone 5: Prepaid Plans On 2 US Carriers & Warranty News

September 14, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

As the weeks fly by, so does the news of Apple’s new generation iPhone handset. The fifth from the company has gained a massive amount of interest, not surprising really when you think about how well the iPhone 4 has and is still doing in terms of sales. Some have questioned as to whether the new handset will be much different from the previous and no concrete news has surfaced in terms of specs, so it is purely a waiting game now!

Months of rumors and missed launch dates have passed and at times it seems we are no further forward in finding out any official news. The latest is that the phone is coming next month and carriers O2, Vodafone and Orange have all come forward with proposed release dates. On the other side of the world, America’s Sprint have already spoken about pre-orders of the new addition being available.

Today we have two pieces of news to share with you, the first is in relation to US carriers Verizon and AT&T both of which have been reported to be taking on the new Apple handset. Before in the past suggestion has pointed to Steve Jobs introducing a new handset into the mix, a cheaper prepaid alternative to the iPhone, which is rumored to be the 4S. If this is to have any truth to it, then the big red Verizon and rivals AT&T will be preparing for new prepaid plans, something of which may be outed by Sprint with news that they will be offering their customers unlimited data plans.

On Thursday, that’s only tomorrow, Verizon are reported by AppleInsider, to be starting $50 per month prepaid plans for a select few handsets, these include names from Samsung, Pantech and LG. Benefits for the customer include unlimited text, talk and data packages. Collaborating with the plans will be retailers Walmart, Target and Best Buy.

In relation to AT&T the news is a little different. They themselves will be offering a brand new plan by the name of “GoPhone.” This will take affect from September 18th along with the choice of an “international long distance package” for customers should they choose to take out the prepaid option. Depending on what your budget is, the new plan will set you back $25 every four weeks and include 240 nationwide voice minutes and unlimited messaging, with the international option costing prepaid customers $10 with the inclusion of 250 minutes to over 50 countries for 30 days.

Added to this, customers will now have the benefit of roaming in Canada for $.25 per sent message, $.20 received message and $.39 per voice minute.

One last thing we wanted to add is that Apple are now proposing on changing their current warranty procedure, with customers now being able to trade in devices that are deemed faulty and exchange for brand new devices. This will only be possible when a iPhone has been purchased and is defective within the first month of having it.

Tell us what your thoughts are on the new iPhone 5 and what you are hoping to see from its refresh? What carrier will you be opting to run with and give us your feelings towards a possible new warranty?

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