HTC Sensation XE Brings Massive Specs Inc. 1.5GHz

Why are we not surprised to hear of yet another smartphone on the way from manufacturer HTC. In the last few weeks, the company have been pushing out announcements for new devices left, right and centre, actually similar to rivals Samsung. Both companies have some pretty impressive handsets set up in the pipeline and at times its a job to keep up with what will be on offer! Names to look out for include: The HTC Vigor, Titan and Radar running on Windows Phone 7 OS, Runnymede and not forgetting the Amaze 4G or Ruby as its still known to some.

The latest addition which is reported to land at the tail end of this month is called the HTC “Sensation XE.” According to Olivia Solon over at, the XE will first up benefit from Dr Dre’s “Beats Audio” technology giving out impressive sound quality and that’s just to whet the appetite. Headphones will come with custom built software allowing the sound from your favourite tracks to automatically tune through to your headphones.

HTC have assured customers that the quality is impressive, giving out crisp, clear and full bass sound and by way of a remote, tracks can be changed with the touch of a button with the facility of still answering calls should the need arise.

From its predecessor, the HTC Sensation which we have to add is not an old device by any stretch, the new XE will include a bigger battery and a faster 1.5GHz processor. This will equal that of the Samsung Galaxy S II’s T-Mobile and Sprint versions.

The new Sensation will include Android’s 2.3 Gingerbread OS, 8GB or 16GB microSD card, rumoured 8 megapixel camera as the first generation Sensation and as Chris Davies at Slashgear stated, the touch sensitive buttons will stand out via its red backlighting.

A price for the new HTC hasn’t been confirmed but Europe and Asia will be the first to see the latest addition at the end of September. As we now start to creep towards the end of 2011, can the “quietly brilliant” company as their logo suggests do enough to fend off Motorola, Samsung and even Apple.

Are you tempted by HTC’s Sensation XE? What would you be willing to pay for it?