CoD MW3 or Apple iPhone 5: What are you looking forward to most?

At OSM we keep up to date with the latest in technology including smartphones and there’s one particular device that keeps on jumping up with different suspected parts to it appearing all over the world. We even heard a repetition of the loss in a bar incident that saw the iPhone 4 leaked but with the new device. With that being the case we wanted to ask you something about it and a game that is massively successful, CoD MW3… What one are you looking forward to most?

We understand that there’s a massive difference here in one is a game and the other is a smartphone but what we are really getting at is, if you had a list of things you wanted, would either of them be on your list and which would come higher? When you think about the iPhone 5 and the number of articles that have been added over time, it’s hard to believe that Apple can come up with something “magical” that we haven’t already seen in a smartphone and with the departure of Steve Jobs, I really don’t think it will have the same hype when it eventually does get released.

On the other subject matter, Call of Duty has been an amazing game for years, we have seen all sorts from the developers but that doesn’t stop our feeble minds wanting more does it? The expectation level for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is absolutely massive and there is a slight worry that it won’t live up to expectations and then gamers will jump ship to the new Battlefield game.

The hype has already started massively for the latest in the epic series of games with consoles having the logos plastered all over it, trailers being explained so you don’t miss any miniscule piece of information and of course various sets of headphones from Turtle Beach being released with the branding.

Personally, I’m looking forward to CoD MW3 more than the iPhone 5 as I really don’t think there will be anything that blows my mind with the new device but I am also interested to know your opinions so leave them in the comments section below.

  • Wilsonlad21


  • Wilsonlad21

    looking 4ward to both but mw3 is takin v lead by far