Teasing FIFA 12 Demo Waiters On UK PS3

What a day it has been today, first thing this morning we hear that the FIFA 12 demo is going to release on the Xbox 360 and PS3, as expected, but as the day goes on and we get an idea of the release times we also find out that the UK PS3 owners will not get to download the game today.

Many gamers have been jumping on their favorite social media sites today, including Facebook and Twitter and finding out what their friends and family have been thinking about the game. I did this too and found my cousin talking about the game and how hard he has been finding it, this was met by drooling from PS3 owners in the UK that are getting teased by those that can play the demo. Have you been teasing UK PS3 owners about the new FIFA game on Facebook and Twitter?

PS3 owners have up to another 24 hours to go before they can get their hands on the FIFA 12 demo, but we’ve managed to get a little hands-on time today, and thought we’d give you our first impressions.

To start off we noted the speed in which the scrolling menu operates, this is a vast improvement on the previous game with the added bonus of Real Madrid’s Kaka showing off his skills with a new trick whenever you click for another screen. Moving onto our first match encounter and the next thing that hits us is the attention to detail that the EA crew has lavished on player likeness. For those that haven’t seen any snippets of game play, Rooney’s new head of hair looks mighty fine.

But what about game play? Well dribbling around your opponents is performed with ease thanks to the intuitive precision dribbling system, simply controlling your player with the left stick gives extreme control which can only be matched by the beautiful way in which the ball hugs the player when using (L1) to entice a bit of pace into the equation.

From what I found, crossing the ball is a great improvement as well, aided by possibly the best array of shooting options that give each and every goal a more realistic feel. All in all, my brief introduction to the game has left me satisfied and excited at the thought of the completed full version that is to follow. Yes some have commented on game play being far harder to get use to but in my eyes the challenge can only make for a better far more realistic game, bring on all challengers!

You can see the latest tweets about the FIFA 12 demo here, and feel free to hit our Facebook page to share your views.

  • Deanastley

    PSN Store always updates on a Wednesday and Xbox Live on a Tuesday, that’s how it works every week. But UK gamers can still access the demo by creating a US account on PSN.

  • Evan56776

    when is it on psn store?

  • Markaimson

    I’ve just benn on PSN and can’t find the demo. HELP please!

  • Bradley

    what time does it get released ?