Sprint iPhone 5 May Give Carrier a Fighting Chance

We have long talked about the likelihood of the Apple iPhone 5 coming to Sprint as well as Verizon and AT&T and this is now looking more likely by the day as we are hearing more and more leaked news. Just in the last day we’ve heard that Sprint employees are being declined leave at a certain time, leading to rumors of an iPhone 5 release and today we wanted to take a look at how a Sprint iPhone 5 may give the carrier a fighting chance against the big boys.

Way back in March we spoke about the need for Sprint to get the next iPhone and wondered if it would be able to keep its market share if it didn’t receive the iPhone 5 and all these months later it still seems important in fending off an unwanted merger. T-Mobile is already the subject of an acquisition by AT&T leading to rumors that T-Mobile may also get the iPhone 5. However this situation is now in limbo as regulators are now in moves to stop the merger.

As Bill Palmer over on Beatweek points out though, if the AT&T and T-Mobile merger were to go ahead then Sprint would have to face up to the fact that it would then be not only the smallest carrier but also would be likely to be the only carrier without the next iPhone. If Sprint gets the iPhone 5 though, the carrier may be able to avoid a similar merger, this time with Verizon. We told recently how a Sprint iPhone 5 may be available with unlimited data plans and if this were the case Sprint’s market position would be hugely boosted by the fact that it would be the only carrier offering this. For an in-depth look at this check out an article on International Business Times, which looks more at data usage.

Sprint could also benefit though if T-Mobile were to merge with AT&T as some T-Mobile customers against the move may jump ship to Sprint instead. Nobody is pretending that a Sprint iPhone 5 would solve all the carrier’s problems but it would certainly give Sprint a lifeline to hang on in the market without a merger of its own. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Are you a Sprint customer hoping for the iPhone 5? Will you jump ship to another carrier if the iPhone doesn’t come to Sprint this time around? Let us know with your comments.