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Daily Deals Infographic by the Numbers: Who’s Using What & How

Daily Deals Infographic by the Numbers: Who’s Using What & How

Although we recently reported about Facebook finishing its Deals product in the coming weeks it doesn’t seem as though it was any reflection on the Deals market as a whole, as the marketplace is still attracting millions of people daily. Today we have news for you of an infographic that shows the Daily Deals market by the numbers and tells who’s using what and how.

At the moment there are 660 online deals sites, according to Lab42 but although the current market is still extremely lively, some doubt the sustainability of so many deals sites, according to Charlie White over on Mashable, who also brought our attention to the infographic. You can see the infographic in full below this story. The infographic was created by Lab42 with information taken from 500 daily deals users, to get an idea of what’s going on in the deals market.

We can see that when asked which daily deals site they were members of, a large proportion, 64%, said Groupon. 49% are members of LivingSocial, one of the other main player in the deals platform, 32% Eversave and 28% SocialBuy. However only 51% have actually made a purchase from Groupon, so not all members have taken advantage of the site and a similar pattern emerges for the other 3 sites mentioned.

When asked how people keep up with daily deals 55% said through email. 47% use a direct website, 25% use apps, 22% said ‘other’ and 21% use a deal aggregator. An interesting answer came from the question “What would make you more likely to visit a daily deals site?” The top answer to this was “If it didn’t seem like they were just trying to sell my information to third parties.” On the question of deal purchases in a year, 35% have bought 10 or more, 23% between 6 and 10 deals, 38% between 1 and 5 and 4% said none.

The most popular type of deal being purchased was restaurant deals with 57%. Spa deals, sport or outdoor activity, hotel deals, and arts and crafts were all equal on 29%. Suprisingly though, 61% have let a deal expire before redeeming it. For more information on the amounts of money spent and more interesting facts, check out the infographic below.

We’re interested to hear if you are a user of daily deals sites and which is the main site you use and why? Do you think the current market is sustainable? Let us know with your comments.

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