CoD MW3 Online Multiplayer Explained In YouTube Viral Video

CoD MW3 Online Multiplayer Explained In YouTube Viral Video

For all you gamers out there looking forward to the latest Call of Duty game you are in for a treat. As many of our regular readers will know, we report on many different types of YouTube viral video, today is no different and instead of our usual humorous or amazing clip, we have one that gives you the new CoD MW3 Online multiplayer mode being explained.

The latest Call of Duty game is a pretty big deal, the previous titles have sold amazingly and they have always left the door open for a sequel. We have seen all sorts of MW3 products such as the Turtle Beach headsets, some 3D gaming glasses and even a limited edition Xbox 360 with the much wanted game splashed all over it!

For many of us that have seen the CoD MW3 trailer where the gameplay was shown, we pretty much all watched and thought, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS GAME. Some others will have been thinking that it’s not really that big a deal as they still enjoy playing the previous titles and then there’s a YouTube user called WhiteBoy who has taken CoD analysis to the next level.

He has gone through and picked up on each intricate detail including some of the classes and the potential to have more than two weapon attachments which sounds particularly good! There’s another part in the video where he points out some kind of sentry gun on tracks, who knows maybe its remote controlled and you can send it in to do you dirty work, or perhaps it just strolls around the map shooting the heck out of things! As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

UPDATE: We have just read an article over on Product-Reviews by Jamie Pert where it has been confirmed on Twitter that MW3 will feature split screen online multiplayer!

Let us know in the comments section if you are looking forward to CoD MW3 and also what you think of the video.

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