Black & White iPhone 5’s Confirmed: Vodafone Leak 16 & 32GB Versions

As the clock ticks forwards and the iPhone 5 release draws closer, we have some more great news for you regarding the smartphone. UK mobile operator Vodafone has accidentally confirmed that the handset will launch in either black or white from the off. The details of 4 different iPhone 5 models surfaced on a product page on their website and were quickly removed.

The white version of the iPhone 4 left fans waiting for what seemed an eternity, eventually it arrived long overdue 10 months later! It seems Apple want to wow consumers with an immediate iPhone 5 launch in white, if of course the exposed details on Vodafone’s website are anything to go by. According to Apple Insider, the iPhone 5 will only come in 2 memory sizes this year, 16GB and 32GB. It has been hinted though that the iPhone 6 will come fully loaded with a 64GB capacity.

Details on the white or black, 16 or 32GB iPhone 5 appeared on a product page for Vodafone’s Sure Signal box. The gadget boosts signal to their 3G network and lists the phones which are compatible with it, a nice little surprise when the iPhone 5 turned up on the list. Now we are not entirely certain if Vodafone listed Apple’s gem on there as an assumption, or they have just cocked up and added it too early. If the info was removed we are guessing its the former. You can this in the image below, courtesy of Apple Insider.

If this leak is accurate then it confirms Vodafone as one of the major UK operators to carry the device. It is highly likely O2, Orange and T-Mobile will also stock the handset, the chance will probably be too good to pass up for Three also. Arguably the biggest mobile phone of the year will surely be a must have for every single network provider around the world? We know in the US that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint will definitely carry Apple’s prized smartphone. We have seen many smokescreens like Best Buy’s fake internal memo to test their employee’s loyalty.

No iPhone 5 article would be complete without a quick word on its release date and although we still have no confirmation, we can speculate until the cows come home. No new details have come to light recently which would suggest anything but an early-mid October launch. Beatweek Magazine believes that the long wait has been caused by the slow development of iOS 5, the software the iPhone 5 will run on. What are your thoughts on this new leak then? Will you be getting your iPhone 5 in white on launch day?

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    Black - the screen has a tendency to leak into the white…