AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II (Attain) Release 18th September?

Samsung’s Galaxy S II smartphone despite what some may class as expensive, is still proving as popular as ever. Whilst most other countries are enjoying Samsung’s new addition, Stateside the story is somewhat different. Its release is still delayed and believe us when we say, if we had a magic wand we would have waved it by now to stop the disappointment some of you are expressing.

With a mass of new and forthcoming devices from other manufacturers left to intrigue us, its a job to know how long the Samsung Galaxy S II will be at the top of its game. From articles over recent weeks, it seems the Sprint Galaxy S II variant named the “Epic 4G Touch” will be released on September 16th with news that two retailers Wirefly and Walmart will be offering the phone at lowered prices as oppose to the retail price of $199. Check out the links above to find out more.

We have to say carrier Sprint are hogging a percentage of smartphone news at the moment, with word that they will be joining in with the iPhone 5 launch and possibly offering customers unlimited data plans instead of tiered offered by others.

Although we are no further in finding out when T-Mobile will have their Galaxy S II model, AT&T and their Attain version may be and we say that with trepidation, on September 18th? This is purely speculation from who have spotted desk docks for the Galaxy S II variants. T-Mobile is missing but Sprint and AT&T both presently have model numbers, an “in stock and ship date” of September 30th from accessory retailer

As reported, the two docks in question have a D710 tag included on them, although they do differ slightly from one another in terms of where the speaker hole is positioned. It is thought that the date of September 18th may be the Epic’s release date, as it falls around the same time as Sprint’s model, as well as AT&T’s release dates tending to land on a Sunday.

The three versions as mentioned will come with slight differences and its not just the screen size. Sprint and T-Mobile’s will be the biggest of 4.5-inches with AT&T’s being that of the standard 4.3-inch size. Sprint will lack the benefit of Near Field Communication (NFC) whilst the other two will come as standard.

We would be keen to find out whether you are patiently waiting for the US Galaxy S II versions, if so which carrier are you going to opt for?

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    waiting but not patiently for the AT&T version